10 Things We Shouldn’t Do Or Tell Our Kids As Parents

Parenting is a responsibility to take seriously, and can often become walking a fine line. Here are some words of caution.

“Parenting is more to do with learning how to behave with kids than to teach them how to behave in a certain way. Its an art, a skill that teaches us when to hold tight, when to let loose, when to let go and let them fly. As a parent, guide them but let them choose their way. Be the torch bearer but let them see the light.” 

The manner in which we raise kids is constanly evolving through generations. We must tread with caution like walking on muscovite. Apply a little pressure and you will find it shatter a million tiny pieces.

There isn’t a golden rule to follow but some heartfelt suggestions.

Here are the 10 things we shouldn’t do or tell our kids.

Do not belittle your kid’s achievements or ignore their sufferings

It might seem minute to us but its significant to them. Do not scar them for life.

Always reserve an ear for them. Its vital for them feel they can come to you irrespective of outcome. Be their home, their safe haven. Its an inexplica le feeling to know someone always is there for them. Be their Sun, shining and available a great deal.

Do not over criticise or correct at every step

This might sow seeds of self doubt and heightened self consciousness. It hampers the growth of confidence. I am sure we all agree its important to make our own mistakes and learn from them.

Do not hesitate to correct them politely when wrong

This paves way for fair, unbiased and honest upbringing. If left uncorrected it will lead them to make mistakes confidently.

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Do not be too strict

They might stop being transparent and begin hiding matters, irrespective of the significance of their actions. They might not come to you with issues. We must create safe atmosphere for them to be able to accept their mistakes. This ensures that they wont wander off into making bad choices.

Be fairly realistic

Do not fill false affirmations into those innocent hearts. This will prevent postponing the inevitable. Do not stamp on their dreams but make them aware of consequences of their choices. This helps in making informed decision and careful choices.

Do not overdo the praise

Too much light might blindside them into seeing stones and pebbles along the way. You don’t want them to grow too proud and self absorbed.

Do not forget to teach them to respect themselves and others as well

There is no replacing of good manners on any planet. Well mannerisms and loads of discipline never run out of style.

Do not entertain or tolerate treating someone badly

Making mockery, laughing at others, passing impolite comments, spreading false rumours are never welcome. Lets build an honest, just and compassionate society.

Do not encourage them dwelling within themselves

Teach them inclusion, caring, being considerate of others feelings aswell. Its normal requiremnt of society living.

Do not push them hard or hold them back

Just be the cushion when they fall to soften the blow and to bounce back.

Some gems are readily available in nature while some need to be extracted and polished. However lets not burn ourselves out or more importantly lets not overplay precious tiny hearts.

No overdoing anything.
No under-doing it as well.
No undermining their ability.
No hovering over them aswell.

Kids should soak in the simple yet enriching pleasures of life, invest in fulfilling experiences .

Play outdoors
Go for those walks in the woods,
Go cycling and to your favorite picnic spots.
Savour the fruits
every season has to offer.
Dance in the rain,
Catch a bit cold,
Get that tan,
Scarpe that knee.

Taste that content
in helping others.
Take pride in
standing up for yourself.
Practise cleanliness
of body, mind and soul.

As a parent, guide them but let them choose their way. Be the torch bearer, let them see the light.

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