Paper Boats

Looking at paper boats floating on the rainwater, I went back in my memory lane.

Looking at paper boats floating on the rainwater, I went back in my memory lane.

It was a cloudy afternoon. The sky became dark because of heavy clouds hovering around, indicating heavy rains anytime soon. My neighbours started rushing to their backyards to take out the dried clothes. I hurried to my backyard to take out my dried clothes. By the time I took out the clothes, it was already drizzling. I rushed to keep the clothes inside and came out to enjoy the rain.

The entire ground was wet and moist with raindrops. The heavenly smell of the damp earth enthralled me. The rain slowly picked up its momentum, and the little drops became large drops while it started raining heavily.

The leaves of the plants were shining brightly with raindrops dripping down from them. After so many days, plants were receiving their favourite rainwater. The plants looked as if it got their companion.

The peacocks were rejoicing and dancing. The birds took shelter to protect themselves from the heavy rains. The atmosphere has become pleasant

There was thunder in the sky. Slowly the rainwater accumulated on the road and started flowing like a river.

Down my memory lane with paper boats

The sight of the flowing water prompted me to make Paper boats. I immediately went inside and made paper boats and moved them into the flowing water. I watched paper boats floating till it reached the end of the road. Few got stuck up in the middle of the road.

Looking at paper boats floating on the rainwater, I went back in my memory lane.

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My siblings and I used to make paper boats in my childhood and make them float on rainwater whenever there is heavy rain. We usually stood in the rain and watched till the paper boat reached the end of the road.

One day we decided to conduct a race for our paper boats. We made paper boats with different coloured papers and made them float on rainwater. Whichever coloured boat reaches the end of the road, they are declared the winners.

My mother used to yell from inside our home. She was worried about us getting drenched in the rain. She was always ready with a towel to wipe our wet head.

Hot pakoras and halwa were made ready by our mother and grandmother during those rainy days. They made us sit at the dining table and relish hot pakoras and halwa. Childhood days were just awesome.

After drenching in the rain and playing with my paper boats, and cherishing my childhood memories, I went inside my home and made a hot cup of Tea.

Now we are all grownups and settled with our families. Our parents left us for their heavenly abode, but the memories of paper boats and rainwater still are evergreen in our minds.

Image source: Pexels

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