Accountant Lakshmi

                                    Accountant Lakshmi


Several Degree students were waiting for Accountant Lakshmi ma’am at college so that they could pay the fees for impending exams. If they don’t pay the payments on time, they can’t appear for their final exams.

Lakshmi was one of the favorites in the college. She always had a smile on her face. Students love Lakshmi very much because of her cordial nature.

After a week, Lakshmi ma’am reached college. She was in a somber mood. She informed the admin head that her mother-in-law had passed away in their village, and she could not correspond with them.

She immediately went to her desk and started doing her job.

Everyone in the college sighed a relief. The principal was happy to see Lakshmi on her desk because now students could pay their fees on time.

One of the professors, Mr. Murthy, was in the principal’s room. Mr. Murthy praised Lakshmi and gave positive feedback about her.

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“Yes, she is a hard-working employee in our college.”  said the admin’s head, Ms. Savithri.

“What does her hero do?”  Principal asked.

“Her story doesn’t need a hero. She is the heroine of her story”. Replied Ms. Savithri.

The professor, Mr. Murthy, and the principal looked at her, puzzled.

“What do you mean?” Professor asked curiously.

Savithri then started narrating the story of Accountant Lakshmi.


“Life is callous for Lakshmi. She was born into a middle-class family. Her father had three daughters. She was the eldest daughter among them. Lakshmi completed her graduation and started doing the job. Her sisters were studying in school.

Lakshmi’s father’s only goal was to get his children married as soon as possible. He searched for a groom for Lakshmi, and they asked for a considerable dowry. He somehow managed and gave them dowry. Lakshmi got married.

After marriage, Lakshmi’s husband started harassing her for more dowry. He never used to work and was an alcoholic. He was dependent on Lakshmi’s income.

Later Lakshmi’s husband got his parents to his home, and it is Lakshmi’s responsibility to take care of his parents with her meager salary.

Once Lakshmi lost her job. Her husband tortured her for not giving him money. She borrowed money from her friends and cared for her husband’s family.

Meanwhile, her father, too, passed away, and the responsibility of her sisters fell on her shoulders.

Like Diamonds are created under pressure, people like Lakshmi don’t succumb to the pressure and overcome life’s anxiety to make a mark.

Soon, she got another job with significantly less income for her experience. She accepted the offer because of her poor financial condition.

Her mother-in-law was diagnosed with a severe illness. She took a loan to get her treated and took care of her.

One day, I asked her why she was being tortured and if she could divorce him; Lakshmi replied that she had two sisters at home and didn’t want to burden her parents. Bringing her husband to the right path is her real challenge.

She understood the root cause of the problem and found a solution to his drinking habit.

Now her husband stopped consuming alcohol and started doing a decent job.

She ensured her sisters completed their education and secured jobs.”

Ms. Savithri concluded her story by saying, Like Lakshmi, many unsung heroines successfully take responsibility for their families singlehandedly.

Every woman can be the hero of her own story.

Happy women’s day#


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