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Find Me Love

Posted: January 21, 2021

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And live a life undaunted/ because you are complete/ you always were and always will be.

Find me love that you claim to be

unblended and candid

That doesn’t fade with time

Even if memory fades and

So does the skin covering the bones

A love that doesn’t get dejected

by the furrows on face or

perturbations that grow with age

Find me love that stands by your side

When not a single being does

When your cronies turn away

but your beloved still beholds you

When you are the laughter of the crowd

but your love still values you

Find me love that is more faithful

than the animal with four feet

and doesn’t get allured by the

charm of youth that no longer

belongs to you

That is sincere to you in sun and wind

in light and dark

That never leaves your side when your

scent wanes off and charm denigrates

Find me love as described in romantic

novels and their heart-rending plots

Prove to me that those dramatic and

uplifting romance do exist for real

That the passage of time will still keep

them impassioned, touching, and stirring

Find me love that transcends hunger

and poverty

That which is not frantic with worry

or other emotions

To which a leaking roof won’t matter

and nor would a penniless partner

That which is not caught with diluted

reasoning while mourning the paucities

That love is dead my dear

In fact, it was never born

Try not to waste your precious

moments in search of such passion

Rather gather it for yourself

And live a life undaunted

because you are complete,

you always were and always will be

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