A Daughter Is A Daughter For Life

A daughter is someone who helps the world be a better place by ensuring every face has a smile and is filled with hope.

A daughter is someone who helps the world be a better place by ensuring every face has a smile and is filled with hope.

Riya, is a daughter, raised by her parents with love and care.

Her parents go through a challenging ride each day to make ends meet.

Riya clings close to her books. Burning midnight oil to get good grades and earn the much coveted school scholarship.

Riya’s eyes are ignited with her dreams. She dreams to help each child of her village to get good education and free them from the rut of poverty.

A young girl with big dreams!

At a tender age of 8, Riya would speak to her headmaster everyday to allow all children of her village to get free education. The school headmaster, was a kind man whose only daughter was writing papers to the government to finance education for the underprivileged girls of the village.

This daughters day, headmaster’s daughter  was determined to give the most liberating gift to the girls of the village i.e. The Gift of Education.

Government authorities subscribed to the views and to the surprise of the village started the policy “Beti Padao aur Beti ko Aage Badhao”.

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The best insurance any parents can ask for, is a daughter who’s every breath is for the happiness and good health of her parents.

When we educate girls, everyone prospers

This daughters day, all the girls in the village took admission in the school. Riya was delighted to see her  friends in school.

Every night each house would light up with the light of hope, light of fiery drive to learn, light to make dreams come true.

All the villagers slept peacefully as their daughters were now finding out new ways to increase the harvest. Their daughters were using innovative techniques to ensure that each house’s basic needs were fulfilled.

Very soon the school going girls also started their own business on the internet. They earned rich accolades for their ideas and the money they earned brought peace and prosperity in the village. The farming business also grew by leaps and bounds. Farmers started contributing effectively to the economy’s growth, and no longer felt hopeless.

Riya is now a social activist, the headmistress of her school, a writer, a businesswoman, and an educator. The headmaster of the school is one of the most famous storytellers who spreads laughter and peace with his stories in the school and the adjoining areas. The headmaster’s daughter is a well known professor. She gives financial and emotional support to the village and its people.

Truly, a daughter is a daughter for life. A daughter is someone who helps the world be a better place by ensuring every face has a smile and hope. As hope is like feathers and it’s our decision to be hopeful both in good times and not so good times.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 from Pexels

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