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Embrace The Imperfections Of Friendship And Stick By Each Other’s Side

Posted: March 18, 2020

Every time when relationships fall apart
Think of the time when you bonded well
Think of those deep conversations which were magnetic
Think of how  your bond was forged organically
Giving up due to a minor miscommunication
Giving up due to slippage of words
Is not why at first place you met
Keeping the knot in a thread would never do anyone a good
So go out conduct a dialogue
At times it’s hard and nerve wracking
At times it requires immense courage to take the first time
But in the end it would be worth it
Coz you stood up for your virtues and beliefs
You felt light after breaking the ICE
All of us are embroiled in our own cycle of worries, fears and pains
So forget those sad and hurtful times and keep intact those lovely moments which taught you about the “Beauty of Friendship”
Judging never earns you friends
Let the other person be free flowing, liberating and most importantly let him or her be
Love your friends for both the wrongs and rights they did to you
Love your friends because you know they will always be there for you
Love your friends because their sarcastic remarks can make you look silly in public
Love your friends for the times when they didn’t let you give up
Be friends for life and celebrate each other’s imperfections.

Image is a still from the movie Veere Di Wedding 

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