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Why Are Women Still Expected To Stay In A Marriage Where They Are Unhappy And Dissatisfied?

Posted: September 10, 2020

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Why are there no trials before one takes the biggest and most important decision of their lives? Why are we still expected to stay in unhappy marriages?

If a girl returns home after an unsuccessful marriage, people around her are constantly looking at her with suspicious eyes, making her uncomfortable. This just creates more worry for her family and creates issues for her to live there. I believe, such interference needs to be stopped.

Any woman who is capable of living on her own and is unhappy in her marriage is much happier single than being in an unhappy marriage. She need not stay in an unhappy marriage simply for the sake of societal reputation. Let her live freely without any guilt about not sacrificing her freedom and staying happy with her husband, no matter what the situation is.

Can we please let them live their lives the way they want?

When the society sees a woman living at her parent’s house even after her marriage, they have a lot of doubts and curiosity about it. Guys, please, focus and concentrate on your own life instead of poking your nose in other’s personal matters. These are the ‘chaar log’ who create confusion and problems in other people’s lives.

Also, nowadays with social media being an important part of daily life, the social media life is more important than the real one. People are more interested in where and with whom a person spends their day or  who comments on their pictures on social media.

The daughter who is happy with her own family, who spends time with them and celebrates everyday is unable to share her pictures on social media. All this simply because she was once married and left the unsuccessful marriage. She still is unable to be ready to inform the society that she is happy now. Let the daughter be at home, if she wishes to be there.

Why can’t they leave when they are unhappy in that relationship?

Even today, when we buy a pair of shoes or dress, we try it on and if we don’t like it, we don’t buy it. Similarly, there is nothing like that before taking life’s biggest decision, that of marriage. You are supposed to stay with the person you got married to, even if you’re unhappy.

I know there is a difference between buying clothes and getting married. However, we always do everything after a trial, like the ad for a detergent, ‘Pehle istemal karo, fir, vishwas karo.’ Then, what about marriage? Are we not allowed to ever leave a particular relationship if we are unhappy or dissatisfied?

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna…

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