The Blessing Of Beauty Which Turned Out To Be Her Curse For Life

We always think that being beautiful is a blessing, but is it really so? Tanya's beauty turned out to be her biggest curse.

We always think that being beautiful is a blessing, but is it really so? Tanya’s beauty turned out to be her biggest curse.

Tanya was the most beautiful girl

Beauty is always appreciated by everyone. We are attracted towards beauty. When a girl is beautiful, we think “how lucky she is, she is so pretty and perfect, she can choose any guy of her choice.” But this was not the case with Tanya. Even though she was very pretty she as lucky.

Sitting on her bed with scars on her face and body, staring through the window, she was questioning god ” Why did you make me beautiful.” A world where other girls wished to be beautiful, Tanya hated her beauty.
Her thoughts travelled back to her childhood days, days with her parents, she was such a cheerful girl, all her relatives liked her because of her beauty.

But was she happy?

All those times came as a flashback in front of her eyes where she cursed her beauty. Even though Tanya was a very talented girl, no one noticed her talent, her beauty dominated her talent. No one would ever appreciate her talent. She never had any friends because girls were jealous of her and boys always wanted to date her.

When Tanya got her first job, all her classmates commented, ” Ah! She can achieve anything in the world with her beauty, how lucky.” Only she knew, how hard she had worked for the interview. How she wished everyone to see her hard-work and talent which always went unnoticed.

She always faced taunts in her work place as well. Whenever she received any award or appreciation, her colleagues always taunted her beauty.
Tanya ignored everything that was happening around her as she knew there was no point fighting. She only concentrated on keeping herself happy, no matter what.

Now that Tanya was settled in her life and was of a marriageable age, her parents started looking for a groom. Her profile was registered on matrimonial websites, and her mail started overflowing with proposals. Her parents were so overwhelmed with joy. They thought , ” How lucky we are to have a beautiful daughter.”

She had few meetings with some guys and finally a proposal was fixed. Her parents selected a well settled guy from a rich and affluent family.

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Though Tanya’s parents were very happy, somewhere inside Tanya’s heart she had a fear and sadness, she was not happy with the guy’s lifestyle. She wanted a simple lifestyle and a guy with a good character. But like all other times she did not utter a word on her feelings or desires. Little did she know that she was entering a prison.

The big day arrived and everything ended up as planned. Tanya started a new phase of her life. But she never knew this life would be hell.

Her beauty was her curse

The troubles started from the initial days of her marriage. Her husband was always insecure about her as she was very pretty. He was insecure about her going to office, he used to follow her everywhere. He used to check her phone and if he found her calling or messaging any male colleague he would fighting with her, which would eventually end up in beating and harassing her.

This went on until she was forced to quit her job. He would never allow her to go out, he locked her up in her room and would beat her up always. He was so insecure of her beauty that he used to scar her face so that no one would like her. Her phone was also snatched. She would always cry for help.

One day she decided, that it was enough and she needed to open her mouth. She needed to take a stand for herself. So one night when her husband came home drunk and was about to beat her up, she gathered the courage and hit his head with a rod, due to which he fainted. She immediately ran to the police station to file an FIR, her condition was so bad that she was hospitalized, and her parents were informed.

As Tanya sat on her hospital bed, tears rolling down her eyes and a flashback of all scenes in front of her. She cursed god for making her beautiful. She heard a knock at the door, and there were her parents, seeing them she burst out crying, “Mamma, I want to just die.” Hearing this her parents could not control their sorrow, they came and hugged her. The nurses who stood there were also in tears watching them helplessly.

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