Social Media And The Lack Of Caution

Posting our moments and memories are good,but with caution!

Posting our moments and memories are good,but with caution!

As everyone is aware that social medias like facebook, instagram etc provides us the platform to post anything and everything. Some share their precious moments, other share their memories.

We are all happy in sharing and showing off others the happy moments of our life. The little joy of happiness we get when we share our pictures, check ins, events etc.

It is good only when it is used for some good cause. It is good when we connect with our old buddies, we get likes and comments to our shared pictures.

But every good thing has its own risk hidden in it. Sharing is good until and unless it becomes over-sharing.
I have seen many of my friends who share even the very small moments,they share exactly where are they now,with their pictures. Give each and every detail about their location and with who they are with.

Have we ever thought that we might be digging our own grave? We are sharing our vital data and information to the public for everyone to access. Our details are no longer private.Just imagine, you and your family are out on a vacation and you have posted the same, like boarding flight,check in ,stay. And there is someone out there who just checks this out ,breaks into your holiday home and congratulations!!! You are robbed.
Just a small mistake can lead to a big tragedy . It is good to post about our time spent with our family but post it with caution in mind. You can post it after your trip/ event.
It is mere waste to post each and everything-where we stand right now, what we are doing now.

Posting our moments and memories are good,but with caution!

Even with personal relationships, we wish our dear ones on social media and we ignore wishing them in real life. If we wish them in person ,gift them, they would feel happier and closer to us. We are gradually drifting away from our dear ones. Wish your husband/wife happy birthday/happy anniversary, wish your mom happy mothers day to their face, then you can see the real smile on their faces. Digital world should not replace our real lives.

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