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Disparity In Gender

Posted: May 14, 2020

While juggling multiple roles, don’t forget you are important too.  Make yourself a priority because no one else will with #KhayaalRakhna

She can earn well, take responsibility of her parents for the rest of their life, can manage doing household chores for which mostly males are dependent on her.

God can’t reach everywhere that’s why we have women in our home, whether she may be our mother, sister, wife, daughter, daughter in law, grand mother.

Women are supposed to work for 24 hrs in a day, without expecting for holiday even on Sunday. She wakes up at 7 daily, prepares tea, after taking bath prepares break fast and packs the lunch in tiffin for her and her husband. Also keep the lunch ready for the people back at home. On the other hand husband wakes up at 8.30, gets ready, eats break fast takes his tiffin and leaves for office.

Role Of A Women

Both of them work for equal hours in office and after the office hours when both of them heads towards home, she need to purchase the vegetables and other necessities for the house, reaches home, after getting fresh heads towards the kitchen and prepare dinner for the family, and her husband afetr getting fresh takes the remote of TV and relax on sofa till the dinner gets ready..!!

In today’s time also household chores are considered as woman’s job and men are supposed to do only the outside work. People’s mentality is still not ready to accept that when women can handle both, house as well as the office, so its time for the man also to learn and accept the fact that nowadays its duty for both of them yo divide the household chores so that its not only for the women who do the sacrifices all the time.

Questions And Accusations

She has to face questions like: “Why you get up so late?” , “What is the need to work if your husband is earning well?” , “Please try to get up before everyone gets up and make morning tea for everyone” , “Why are you giving your salary to your parents after your marriage?”, “Why you want to frequently visit your parents house?” , ” Why is it necessary to go in every function of your parents house, you are now member of this family, focus here now” .

Her Sacrifices

She works for whole day , even on Sundays without getting any pay and even some times craving for the respect that she must get and she deserves it. After doing so many sacrifices that even are not considered important for the male dominated society, she is supposed to do it without even complaining. For Women, her family is everything for her. The day a girl is born, her parents teaches her that one day one prince will come and will take you to his world for the rest of her life. And suddenly one day she marries and get to know that there is no prince charming in real life. Her sacrifices begun the day she gets married. Some are very lucky to get married with the love of her life and she became ready to sacrifice her priorities, her life everything for him happily.

In today’s generation, every person is capable to live independently as nowadays every one works and are financially independent and also not prefer to do sacrifices just because someone is giving them financial stability. Mostly women are not dependent on other for their financial stability. She can earn well, take responsibility of her parents for the rest of their life, can manage doing household chores for which mostly males are dependent on her.

This needs to be change as soon as possible .

Image Source: Pexels

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