Please Let’s Cooperate With The Police During The 21 Days Lockdown

This war is new for everyone and only with mutual cooperation we can win it.

Lockdowns are not easy for anyone. It demands patience ,discipline and a sense of Nationalism to play our part as given to us by the Government.
Role of police in making the lockdown successful is woven in the blueprint of war strategy against COVID-19. We cannot win this war without them.
There are rising incidents of open and blunt defying of repeated requests by the police across the nation to not to violate the guidelines of fight against the Coronavirus.

Every day, there are tik- tok videos of real incidents where people are making a fool of the police. If you really think about it, they are cheating themselves. Creating chaos for others and hustle for police by roaming here and there just because they can not sit at home.

Tit -tok videos on breaching the code of conduct is a shame on humanity. While the whole world is watching how each country will face this problem, people are making fool of others or laughing at sufferers.

Moreover roaming outside and making police deviate from their primary duty. Do you know that for one patient, two policemen and two doctors are engaged, then shouldn’t we think about how much our people our wasting time and energy of these responsible warriors?

This war is new for everyone and only with mutual cooperation we can win it. We must be thankful to the police personnel who are braving the threat from the virus and defiance from very own people. Let’s understand their limitations and empower them with our trust and sense of discipline.

Let us salute the brave hearts who are performing their duties selflessly and are away from their families and kids.Their sacrifices must be respected by obeying law and orders.

Let us Stay Home, Stay Safe!


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