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Why I Hate This Hype Around Women’s Day Celebrations?

Posted: March 12, 2020

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I know, some of you reading this, might think, why despite being a woman, I hate celebrating this day..

I believe, there is no point in praising and being grateful towards women ONLY for a single day in a year..We deserve to be treated with respect and gratitude throughout our lives..

I would start celebrating and cherishing this day, when my fellow human beings (both men and women) truly respect a woman for what she is!!!

If you are a man:

  • Respect your Mother (irrespective of her qualifications, job etc) the same way you respect your father in your house.
  • If you like a girl and she dislikes you, leave her alone..Don’t torture her physically or emotionally.
  • After marriage, consider your wife as equal and as a best friend.
  • In your workplace, respect a woman and her expertise towards job..Don’t say that she got promoted easily as she’s a girl..Please stop having pre conceived notions about her.
  • Please stop thinking that a woman’s career is over if she has a kid..If she is willing to balance both her work and family, what bothers you? Don’t discriminate her based on this factor.
  • If you are a dad, there is nothing wrong in helping your wife, for taking care of kids.. Remember this, you and your wife are jointly responsible for bringing up kids..Help your wife with household chores irrespective of whether she goes to job or not..
  • Please stop being egoistic and judgemental towards women.
  • Don’t talk badly about a woman’s character nor judge her based on the clothes she wears.

If you are a Woman:

  • Don’t listen to this society which says that you are inferior when compared to men..Remember this always, both men and women are always equal.
  • If you are a mother, don’t discriminate your son and daughter..Raise your daughter the same way like your son..Teach household chores to both your son and daughter equally..Tell them to respect others irrespective of their gender.
  • If you’re a mother in law, treat your daughter in law like a friend and don’t judge her for her own choices..She need not listen and abide by your rules.. Respect her individuality.. Don’t be over possessive towards your son and remember and accept the fact that your DIL is an important person in your son’s life.
  • Don’t pester any girl with personal questions like when is your marriage and why you don’t have kids yet? etc..
  • Don’t ask a woman to leave her job just because she is married or having kids..Leave that decision to that woman and don’t interfere in her life.
  • Don’t talk badly about a woman’s character nor judge her based on the clothes she wears.
  • Don’t expect anything from anyone just because you are a woman..Remember this always, you are always equal to a man and you aren’t a weaker person.

According to me, We all as a society, should change ourselves and respect and accept a woman, for what she is, throughout our life and not on a single day.

I hope, what I wish, happens soon!!!

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