6 Refreshing Summer Drinks To Keep You Hydrated And Happy This Summer!

With summer almost upon us, hydration is important. Here are six summer drinks to keep you cool and hydrated all summer long!


Summer is almost here. As the temperature rises, your throat gets parched and you need something to cool it down. The heat will definitely get to you and you will soon be tired. So, if you want something light and cool to sip on, why not try some refreshing summer drinks!

And for all those of you stuck at home, make these summer drinks at home as you entertain yourself and your family.

Refreshing summer drinks- Lemonade

Remember the summer vacations when you’d come back home to a glass of cold, freshly made lemonade?

The perfect combination of sweet, sour and a little salty is very very easy to make. And instead of buying lemons in the garden, why not grow them in your own garden? It not only ensures that you save some money but also gives you a pass time and makes your garden even prettier!

This childhood favourite summer drink is very easy to make- all you need is fresh lemon juice, some cold water, sugar, some salt and maybe rock salt! And with natural food colours so readily available in the markets, go crazy with some colourful lemonade too.

To make your own tall, cool glass of lemonade, go ahead and follow this recipe!

Healthy summer drinks- Iced Tea

All your chai lovers, this one is for you! Another summer classic, this is a great alternative to the hot tea you’re used to drinking. Not only will the iced tea cool you down, but its fruity taste will keep your taste buds happy!

Now if you think this summer drink is oh-so-healthy, let me tell you this- it also has caffeine! The caffeine junkie in you will also love this drink. You will get a tasty dose of caffeine without scalding your tongue in the process!

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As easy as one, two three, this iced tea has several variants too. Click right here for a few of my favourite methods to make iced tea this summer.

Easy summer drink- Jaljeera

It will be a sin to leave out jaljeera from this list. This spiced Indian drink is definitely my personal favourite. It not only cools you down but helps you with digestion too!

Mostly used as an appetiser, it is perfect for the times when you desperately want to drink something. You can drink it any time of the day and between a meal too!

One of the most famous beverages in Northern India, jaljeera uses multiple spices to get you that tangy, sour, aromatic and spicy taste. To make yourself a glass right now, click here.

Cool summer drinks- Recipe for Lassi

Made from yoghurt, I won’t be overreaching if I said this is the most famous Indian beverage. Make it as you want and it will soothe and suit your tastebuds. Lassi blends in with all cuisines and provides you great relief on those hot summer days.

Make it salty, sweet, put in some saffron and cardamom, or even add some drops of rose water, this amazing summer drink will not fail to cool you. Right from the usual lassi to the masala lassi, salty lassi, strawberry lassi to the summer special mango lassi, this will spark joy any time, anywhere.

So this summer, while you’re at home with everyone gathered around the TV or in their own worlds make lassi and provide yourself with some relief.

Click here for the fulfilment only lassi can bring.

The low-calorie summer drink- Buttermilk

Another popular yoghurt-based drink that’s a favourite all over the country is buttermilk. This slightly spicy, salty drink can be flavoured with mint leaves, ginger, cumin or even curry leaves. If you’re feeling especially experimental, do an oil tempering with herbs of your choice too.

Served with practically all cuisines, buttermilk gives you that kick of coolness the moment you take a sip.

Now if your mouth has watered enough and you’re ready to drink some buttermilk, click right here for an easy cooling recipe!

Evergreen summer drinks- Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza only reminds me of my childhood. The perfect summer antidote is this drink! A rose flavoured healthy and delicious drink. What else, do you need?

Made from fresh fruits, Rooh Afza is a summer drink that can be made with milk, or water. Add it on top of faloodas or kulfis and ice creams or even phirni, it is not going to disappoint!

If you want to revisit your childhood but with a twist, here’s a recipe for you to try!

With summers just beginning, it is important to remember to keep yourself hydrated. To keep your energy levels high and to stay healthy and safe, maintaining the level of your bodily fluids is very important. And if you’re tired of drinking plain old water, give any of these summer drinks a shot and let us know your favourite!

Picture credits: Pexels, Pixabay & Canva Pro

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