Easy Spring Onion Recipes For Days When You Want To Be A Little Fancy!

Spring onions are in this season and if you want to try cooking something interesting and delicious, here are six easy spring onion recipes for you!

Spring onions are in this season and if you want to try cooking something interesting and delicious, here are six easy spring onion recipes for you!

I am sure most of you have heard a lot of the fancy chefs use the term, “And garnish with some scallions!” And if like me, you also wondered what a scallion is, let me tell you, it’s nothing but our regular spring onion!

Now with winter making way to summer, vegetable markets are full of these bright green onions! They can be grilled, roasted or even used like pearl onions. With their mellow taste, they don’t leave you with that onion-y taste in your mouth and can be chomped on raw too. Or if you like the Chinese cuisine, I am sure you’ve come across them.

By now, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about and your mouth is watering already. So without further ado, here are six easy spring onion recipes for the days when you crave something delicious or want to treat your friends to a yummy home cooked meal.

Chicken and Spring Onion Stir Fry

If you love chicken and want to make a quick meal that is also Instagram worthy, give this one a shot. An aromatic and delicious spring onion recipe that doesn’t take too long to cook- sounds perfect, right?

A prep time of half an hour and you have dish that not only satisfies your hunger but is pleasing to the eyes and nose too. Loaded with carbs and greens, it may taste delicious but also be healthy enough, you can have it on your diets too.

Here’s the quick and easy recipe for this spring onion dish!

Spring Onion Curry

This tomato and spring onion curry is a super simple and super fast dish to cook. It is rich in taste, flavourful, spicy, and tastes great with either rotis or rice.

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An easy to make dish for a quick lunch or for days when you’re just feeling experimental, this spring onion recipe is for all your college students! Bored of the mess food or want to impress mom with your culinary skills? Give this recipe a try.

You can find the recipe here.

Vegan Crispy Duck Lettuce Wraps

Veganism is the newest trend all the cool kids are following and if you’re new to this lifestyle and confused how to substitute vegan alternatives, fret not!

A recipe perfect for summers when it’s too hot to go out and enjoy good food. You just need to stay in and make this delicious recipe. The lettuce wrap gives you the refreshing taste we all deserve in the heights of summer and the minimal cooking can help you go to the cool room even quicker!

Vegan or not, click here for this easy, cool spring onion recipe!

Deep fried Spring Onions

If you’re someone who gets snack-y oh-so-often like me, and have an affinity for all things fried and crispy, this is the recipe for you! Anytime you want to binge-watch something on Netflix and want something to munch on, crispy fried spring onions are your friend.

This is a spring onion recipe you have to try. Here is the easy-peasy way to make it and relish it as you bing-watch.

Charred Spring Onion, Ricotta, and Baby Artichoke Pizza

Are there days when you feel fancy and want to impress people with your culinary skills? This is the recipe for you!

The home-made pizza will taste gourmet enough for you to try and show off. It looked tasty enough that it made me want to jump out of bed and make it myself. So, why don’t you all try it and let me know how you liked it?

Try out this recipe right here.

My Favourite Green Salad

If you want to try out a new spring onion recipe but don’t really want to experiment, just opt for the green salad. Easy to make and has the most traditional flavours, it’s a win-win all around! Nothing can ever go wrong with a comforting traditional salad bowl.

Click here and take a look at the recipe. I think it’s perfect not just because it is lush, and delicious but it also has this wonderful mustard dressing. Talk about perfection!

If you have any other spring onion recipes, do share them with us in the comments section!

Picture credits: Unsplash and Pexels

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