10 Twitter Handles For Social Justice You Should Know Of

February 19th is World Social Justice Day and in the current state of the world, it is something we need to talk about. Here are ten twitter handles for social justice that will help.

February 19th is World Social Justice Day and in the current state of the world, it is something we need to talk about. Here are ten twitter handles for social justice that will help.

Social Justice is a fight long overdue in our society. Yet with rising connectivity and access to the internet, India is in a serious need of mass education about problems concerning the people. There are a number of organisations taking steps in the right direction- some of them on ground and the others on social media.

On World Social Justice Day, here are ten platforms on Twitter that are bringing about change in various fields that need to be worked on.

The Gender Security Project

Formerly know as the Red Elephant Foundation, the Gender Security Project was born out of the desire to understand gender at the political, legal and institutional level. It dives into issues around gender, human security, peace and conflict related areas at the core of its focus.

On February 11, 2020, they were a panelist on the Safe Internet Day convention where they spoke about safety of women on the internet among other issues.

ALIGN Platform

The ALIGN (Advancing Learning & Innovation on Gender Norms) platform brings together global research on discriminatory and harmful gender norms. According to their latest post, they are planning to host an event on “Beijing 25 Years On: Out Of The Shadows And Into The Mainstream.” This is a three part round table conference that will deal with a number of important issues including supporting and protecting the sexual rights of adolescent girls during emergencies.


National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) is an organisation committed to eliminating any kind of discrimination based on caste. These people work on giving the Dalit and Adivasi population the safe and important space they deserve.

They also focus on the marginalisation and problems faced by people from the minority communities on a regular basis. On February 02, they held a press conference in Delhi where they analysed the Annual Budget 2020-21 from the Dalit and Adivasi perspective.

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We the People of India

A collective of several organisations, all over the country, We The People Of India, believes in what the Constitution of India stands for. They have been holding protests against the CAA-NRC across the country.

Their latest post documents the strength and the unity of women who are fighting against the CAA-NRC. They call these women the fists- not the ones that break things but the ones that come together and are powerful.

Tribal Army

The Tribal Army’s Twitter page are a platform that challenges the generation neglect of the indigenous people of India. They talk about the rights of the tribal people in the country and how they need to be listened to as well. One of their campaigns deals with Jharkhand’s Mandal Dam and how it would destroy the environment and the livelihood of the people living there.

Their most recent post on this is a recorded statement of the tribal people’s struggles to explain to the government some steps it could take to fix the things they’re doing wrong.


The International Dalit Solidarity Network (ISDN) is an organisation that works to eliminate the caste discrimination. It is a great place to find out what one can to do to help make the world a better place. Founded in March 2000, it advocates Dalit human rights both in India and internationally as well.

For their latest campaign, they are looking at the human right violations against Dalits during the UN Women’s CEDAW committee review of Pakistan. During this, the founders also spoke about how the government needs to recognise this caste based discrimination.

Project Mukti

A start-up led by gender non-conformists, transpeople and Adivasi women, Project Mukti works towards eliminating the caste apartheid in South Asia. They believe in openness, transparency and participatory innovation.

One of their earlier campaigns included the first national Dalit Wikipedia National training initiative. They also have the first maker’s space for Dalit women, a digital security training initiative and several fellowships.

Project Mukti is extremely vocal about their feelings about the government’s policies and are involved in the nitty gritty of the national politics.

The Leaflet

The Leaflet is an independent platform that has an extremely progressive, legal and political opinion. They report news as it is and add in their views on the matter at hand.

In their latest post, they talk about the J&K panchayat polls that were postponed thanks to the directions from the Home Department and law enforcement agencies.

Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF)

Born from the #SaveTheInternet movement, the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) works towards defending net neutrality, freedom, privacy and innovation in India. They champion for the digital rights of the citizens.

The IFF works tirelessly to make the internet more private and safe for us. They talk about the internet related stories and mishaps. One of their recent campaigns included talking about the long unpaid AGR dues and that would affect the digital rights and internet access in India.


Sayfty was born out of the mission to educate and empower women and girls against violence. They speak about women’s rights and the issues they face daily and also how these issues make a woman’s life difficult. These women look at the different aspects of it and try to find solutions to them. Additionally, they also regularly write about the concepts they believe in.

Social Justice may not be a very important concept for a number of people but it a very important conversation we need to have. It is not an idea that you can just look away from.

This World Social Justice Day, tell us one cause you care about.

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