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Be A Propah Lady, Break Stereotypes, Says Puma’s New Campaign

Posted: October 23, 2019

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Puma’s Propah Lady campaign is breaking female stereotypes left right and centre. Here is why we need more advertisements like these!

Advertisements where women run around men because of their perfume, vests or whatnot, are pretty common on our television screens. Still, in this changing world, some advertisements are trying to deliver the basic idea of breaking stereotypes.

The most recent example of this is the #Propahlady campaign by Puma. This campaign stars actor Sara Ali Khan, boxer Mary Kom and athlete Dutee Chand and focuses on telling us that it’s time to live ‘propah’ instead of ‘proper.’

#PropahLady by Puma

‘Ladki ho theek se baitho, talk softly, be ‘feminine,’ wear decent clothes and act proper’ these are a few things that women hear every day. From a very young age, our life is a series of do’s and don’t’s dictated by others. Others who want us to be ‘Proper.’

If we question this notion of being ‘proper’ we are termed as unwomanly and rude. Since we are so accustomed to being told how we need to behave, we end up thinking that it is exactly how a proper woman should be. This notion of being ‘proper’ is what the new Puma ad campaign challenges.

The ad stars eight-time World Champion Mary Kom, national sprinting champ Dutee Chand, actor Sara Ali Khan, and Lakmé Fashion Week’s first transgender model Anjali Lama. Through these women, the campaign focuses on women to break free from all that is ‘proper’ and be a ‘Propah Lady’ – a woman who is whatever she wants to be.

The video that has already gone viral starts with a stereotypical lady software like ‘sit properly’ ‘eat properly’ but then comes the ‘Propah Lady’ update that crashes the stereotypical system. Elements like girls rocking sportswear on sarees because comfort before anything, running like a weirdo (reference from the famous comedy series F.R.I.E.N.D.S,) a badass mom doing pushups and an old lady wearing push up bra make the video a reflection of all the things women are not supposed to do but can and should do!

Are you a #PropahLady?

Sara’s rap voiceover echoing the words ‘Propah Lady’ while she is running around in dresses and chewing with her mouth wide open, expresses the experiences and desires that all women out there have. The campaign gets its major kick by boxer Mary Kom showing off her moves and athlete Duttee Chand doing the hardcore exercises wearing sportswear in pink – a colour often considered to be weak, soft and ‘girly.’

One more interesting thing about the ad is the how it shows women of various skin tones, body types, profession and age coming together and bashing the stereotypes of being Proper because, for a proper lady age, colour, body type and her work style are no barriers.

The brand has also collaborated with various platforms like Myntra and Dunzo to promote the campaign and spread #PropahLady. To every women our there- #PropahLady is the due response to ‘log kya kahenge’.

You can watch it here

Why were these ad campaigns necessary

There is no denying the fact that these ad campaigns are primarily meant to sell the brand’s product. Still, we cannot neglect their approach towards trying to bring a change in society through their campaigns.

All of these campaigns are centred around the primary concern of breaking stereotypes. There is no denial in the fact that ads do shape our opinion about things and even urge people to bring a change.

We live in a world where men get inspired to buy perfumes because the ad shows it attracts women. A world where women are getting urged to buy fairness creams or else they won’t be accepted by society. One where a common phenomenon like period blood is still shown with colour ‘blue’ rather than the actual red.

We live in a world where stereotypes have become a way to sell products, in fact, we live in a world where ads give birth to stereotypes.

In such world ad campaigns like #PropahLady are important to inspire women to break the stereotypes celebrate themselves and help other women do the same.

So, what say ladies, are you a #PropahLady?

Picture credits: YouTube

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