Yes… I Bleed!

Posted: July 26, 2019

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He asked how it felt like bleeding every month.

She said it’s a blissful feeling, a feeling unexplained.

To this he asked, don’t you feel gross seeing blood tricking down every month.

She said you came in this world enveloped in the same blood, but you may not remember.

Pin drop silence from his end, an attempt to hide in shame,

Though she remained unfazed and calm all through the game.

After the silence came his next question,Why do women bleed?

To this she replied women bleed to reproduce to recreate.

He went on to ask how she dealt with cramps and back pain.

She said , bleeding for 12 years now and a hot water bag has been her companion.

While his questions refused to end,She proudly proclaimed!

Yes I bleed

I bleed for good,

I bleed for a new life ,

Yes I bleed.

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