These Rains And Me… We’re Still The Same!

After having the first showers in Delhi, I felt something inside me which was soothing, soft and overwhelming.

The rains never fail to make me feel ecstatic, and when I found a poem I wrote 19 years ago, I realised that I have not changed one bit, as far as the rains go.

After having the first showers in Delhi, I felt something inside me which was soothing, soft and overwhelming. The ecstatic feeling made me open my age old diary which I had started in the year 2000 when I was blossoming, and was experiencing so many beautiful natural changes within me.

I was amazed to see that I haven’t changed a bit even after 19 years after I wrote that piece of poetry. I still felt the same tenderness of heart which welcomes the happiness showered all over. The same compassionate heart which loves to see not just the smile and playful joy of people when it rains, but also happy roads, and happy leaves and flowers that emerge in their true colours after the dust settled on them from month gets washed away.

And I still close my eyes when the breeze touches my cheeks, my arms and hair.

Though I have grown up, I’m happy to see that my heart, that must have had many experiences, beautiful or cruel, and has still managed to retain its tenderness and benevolence.

Sharing the 19 year old piece of poem with you:

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Sparing a little time for looking at it is worth

I see that continuous rain is falling

The beautiful worms on the trees start crawling

The rain washes off the muddy leaves

The gloomy once changes into fresh trees

The drop on the leaves shines like pearls

The money plant is expanding through new curls

The sparrows under the shed are chirping

The youth, drowned in their moods are whistling

The shiny roads green all around looks so great

The drops hanging like bulbs adorn the gate

Sitting with a hot drink & playing a melodious tune

If you feel it, this will surely ruse

When the rain ceases, the cool breeze touches my cheeks

I feel fresh and my happiness reaches its peak

The next day the beautiful show had its end

There was a clear sky & sun was shining overhead.

Image is a still from the movie Jab We Met


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