Why Everyone Must Practice Yoga?

It is the universal language of peace and harmony, which further creates peace and harmony.

Yog is for absolute peace…India’s ancient Heritage ‘Yog’ is one of the greatest contributions to the world and humanity. Word ‘Yoga ‘ is derived from the Sanskrit language which means to unite or join. Uniting body and mind.

To fling into infinite divinity and peace, recently the whole world celebrated ‘ Yoga Day’, which is again strengthening the trust on peace and harmony, strengthening spiritual focus and individualism, strengthening self-realization and actualization. In ancient times yoga was an integral part of routine activities.

Curricula of Gurukuls was such to be followed by all. Today it is not mandatory in educational institutions but as an option, many are following. We can not impose but certainly, people can be motivated to make it a routine activity. Why Yoga is for all: Yog is above all colour, cast, and religion. No individual person, cast or religion can claim to have yoga as his right only. Every person at any age as per his body comfort can do yoga exercise, even alom – vilom can be done by all people of all age.

It is for the glory of the soul and for the tranquil minds. It is for health and breath. It is the power of yog, it is the power of Indian culture. It is the power of control over breath and balance of body and mind, which touches the conscious minds, leaving the body exhilarating.

Yog is the language of peaceful mind and soul. Word jugglery and logical chopping can only refrain harmonious development of humans. It is the universal language of peace and harmony, which further creates peace and harmony. Yog of synthesis unites humanity, peace, harmony, calmness and leads to perfection with coordination of head, heart and hands.

Celebrating one particular day as Yoga Day encourages people to imbibe this practice into their routine, celebrations increase happiness. Inspiration and willingness to get united for a healthier and happier life, yoga as routine can create wonders.

May the purpose of ‘world unity’ and ‘brotherhood’ be fulfilled!

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