Being A Woman

Periods do not change or break you, it is simply meant to empower you.

You would mostly find me writing on nutrition and fitness, but today I wish to pour my heart out, as to how blessed I feel to be a ”strong” woman. Usually, we as women think that our life is tough, it’s too demanding and TBH… it asks too much out of us! As a girl child, life is pretty simple! You play, eat, go to school, do your share of masti minus any worries. The only thing if you have to worry about is homework and being a good student.

But as you grow up, not only do you develop mentally but physically as well. Your body gradually undergoes a change which you see in the form of menarche. You enter the menstrual phase” and begin to understand the real struggle. Menstruation is a sign that you are growing up to be a woman, your body is preparing you for something later. While it is a usual attribute to feel annoyed when you enter menarche and a typical dialogue to fit into the scenario ”YE LADKIYON KO HI KYU HOTA HAI”. You see guys playing comfortably without having to worry about whether the menstrual blood has leaked or is my sanitary napkin in the right position or if there is a stain of blood on my skirt or uniform. Menstruation usually strikes when you are still in school! You might be 11/12/13/14 or 15 years old when it decides to come and say ‘Hi’.

You feel all the more disappointed on hearing that it won’t leave your side till 45-55 years of age. However, you soon begin to make peace with it. You are prepared to take over this phase every month by keeping a pack of Sanitary napkins and hot water bag ready. Gradually you unfold that just before your periods, you experience mood swings, back pain and tiredness. This is PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. You go to school with it, you go to college even while you are on your periods, you work even while on your periods and precisely you are capable of doing almost everything you do on normal days. Imagine the strength you possess as a woman!

Going through PMS every month, bleeding for 4-5 days or even more, battling the pain, controlling your mood swings and still taking it in your stride and moving each day. Women are tough because God decided to create them this way! Getting periods is not a sign of weakness, experiencing cramps doesn’t make you frail and feeble, feeling numbness in your feet and toes don’t indicate you won’t be able to stand again. Getting periods is a sign of positivity. It is a way your body tells you that you have the power to be a mother. It tells you how healthy you are! Periods are as normal as breathing, sweating and going to the washroom. It should not stop you from doing whatever you wish to. While taking rest during menstruation is definitely called for……but letting it affect you as if it’s something abnormal won’t help. Getting periods is a sign of strength, it’s a way in which you learn tolerance, it gives you some power and makes you realize that you are a woman for a reason. Periods do not change or break you, it is simply meant to empower you. Learn to respect your body and yourself and I am sure you would be proud to be a woman. Women are born to rock everything, even a period mind you…so keep rocking. So it’s time to be period positive!


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