Bananas Make You Fat – Fact Or Myth?

A banana can not only give you instant energy but rest assured it can boost your mood and take some stress away.

Banana is your enemy or best friend?

While in my day to day practice I do come across a plethora of myths, the banana myth seems to be the most hyped one, quite literally. With women throwing banana out of their diet due to the fear of gaining weight (Arey banana khanese mote hote hai, because it’s fattening) and going down with diabetes owing to its high sugar content, the myth has grown from pillar to post. Technically to lose weight you need to pack all the processed and refined foods (Leave them in one corner) in the kitchen corner and avoid the consumption of junk, strictly…Yes, I am serious. But if this is a myth then what is the fact? Let’s dig into the truth.

Just a few days back came across a client who told me ”I cannot eat bananas because usse to mote hote hai! It has a lot of fat in it aur wazan bhi kam nahi hota. Maine toh ek saal se nahi khaya hai kyunki weight loss karna hai. All I did was close my eyes gain my composure and explain why ”what google tells you is not to be believed be it today, tomorrow or any other day. While the advent of Google has made us smart but to be true, it isn’t your nutritionist or doctor.

Bananas contain high sugar content, thanks to fructose, glucose and sucrose. While fructose and glucose are found in abundance, sucrose adds in little sweetness to our favourite fruit Banana. Gobbling down a banana can give you instant energy and can be the best pre-workout option. However, moderation is the key. Though bananas would not leave you with an inflated belly, broadened waist and bulky thighs but to be frank, you need to use up the energy you get from any food. If you eat bananas in excess then the extra glucose might get converted into fat. So watch out for the number of bananas you have been chowing down each day.

Nutritional Composition Of Bananas:

Banana is a versatile fruit and is packed with the goodness of various nutrients.

Calories-110 kcals
Carbohydrates-25 gms
Proteins-1 gm
Potassium-50 mg
Dietary Fiber-3 gms
Vitamin C- 15% of the daily requirement.
Please mark that bananas do not contain sodium, fats and cholesterol.

Benefits Of Eating Bananas

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1) If you are conscious about your heart and do not want it to get hurt then bananas can help you in the same. Bananas, as stated above, are high in potassium and this potassium can help in maintaining heart health and your blood pressure levels to optimum.

2) Looking for instant energy? Then look no further. Bananas are packed with the right amounts of fibre and natural sugars which lead to a slow and stable release of energy, therefore making it an apt pre-workout meal.

3) Are you facing digestive issues off late? Then time to add a banana to the diet. Bananas are not only a great source of fibre but also contain Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) a prebiotic,i.e it helps in the growth of ”good bacteria” in the gut leading to increased nutrient absorption.

4) Are you worried about Vitamin B6? Then worry no more. A single banana contains about 1/5th of your daily dietary allowance of Vitamin B6. This vitamin is required for creating haemoglobin for healthy blood and also boosts immunity in its own sweet way.

5) Stressed or feeling bogged down? Then all you need to do is pick up a banana and eat it. Banana contains magnesium and amino acid tryptophan which is converted to serotonin. Serotonin can alleviate your mood, reduce stress and regulate sleep patterns.

6) Did that extra glass of vodka or beer leave you in a mess last night? Perfect food to stay ”bye bye” to a hangover is none other than banana. Simply eat a banana, prepare a milkshake or smoothie and you are good to go.

Ways To Incorporate Bananas In Your Diet

1) Consume it as a pre-workout meal or add it your bowl of oats along with milk and few nuts, not only would you be able to workout efficiently but you would not feel drained off energy easily.

2) Bananas can be your breakfast partner. Add it to your pancake batter, muesli, mixed fruit bowl, overnight oats and smoothie. Breakfast never felt so good.

3) It is a great snacking option and can be consumed as a mid-morning or evening snack.

Though eating a banana is healthy and does not lead to weight gain, it is essential to stick to 1 or 2 bananas in a day. You can always add banana and a couple of other fruits to a bowl and consume an assortment of fruits. Never stick to just one single fruit, try and experiment….so eat different fruits, as each fruit has its own benefits which you would definitely not wish to miss.

Hence proved that you need not run away from banana if you are looking to lose weight! However, remember anything in moderation is good and no specific food is good or bad. All the more we as women need energy throughout the day as we have so many responsibilities and are somehow not able to meet our daily nutritional requirements. Hence banana can not only give you instant energy but rest assured it can boost your mood and take some stress away. So fret not a banana is your friend and should be a part of your daily diet.

If you are suffering from any health issues, please check with your doctor before you start eating too many owing to its health benefits.


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