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Why The #MeToo Movement Makes Me Hopeful For A Better Future

Posted: November 16, 2018

The author shares her thoughts about the recent #metoo movement and believes that it will have a far-reaching impact.

We are not here to bully anyone; but voices that were subdued and made to keep quiet for years are finally able to speak up and are getting heard. Women have been conditioned since the day they are born to keep quiet and quietly swallow whatever comes their way – personally, professionally even as young girls in school or college. Well that’s what our mothers and before them, their mothers have been doing.

Now, women are collectively holding each other’s hands (even some men) and helping each other heal. All we ever wanted was to be ‘heard’ and believed. No, it is no more a norm for men to be ‘just men’ and that women have to put up with it.

The feminine is finally rising not just in India (where the “Shakti” is worshipped apparently) but all over the world.

Women Rising! Men Feeling Intimidated And Confused

It’s the previous generation who is not equipped to deal with this uprising and are having the hardest time. They have become perpetrators as they felt no one will ever question them and demand answers for their behaviour. In the guise of being employers, mentors or father figures and sometimes even partners, men have violated women in so many ways and have thought that it was their right to do so. Guess what MAN, lets take a peek outside your primal cave and realize that a lot has changed.

Good news is, as a mother to young boy and girl, I can safely say that the new generation of boys who will be men tomorrow, are ready for an equal world. They walk side by side with strong girls in school and only know the idea of an equal world of opportunities for everyone. When I look at them, I get a sense of hope amidst all this chaos that has just overtaken us.  It was perfect timing for the storm to start, for after the dust settles and a cool downpour follows, what will emerge is a cleaner and clearer tomorrow for everyone. The only people who will suffer or be left behind will be the ones who do not embrace this change. The feminine rising is not just demanding their rights but in turn an equal world for our future generation.


Image Source: Pexels

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