Here’s Social Media Demystified For All You Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs!

Some useful tips for women business owners to boost their business by using social media tools in the right way.

Some useful tips for women business owners to boost their business by using social media tools in the right way.

Social media is a powerful platform to gain new business, particularly for women business owners, who are more comfortable using social media as a strategy to stand out online. They are shaping their marketing strategies towards the social media landscape, be it Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp groups.

It is a fact from my personal experience, that selling of goods/services is now happening  exclusively online or partially online. Social media marketing is an important channel for female entrepreneurs looking to generate awareness and sales.

Follow and learn from how the bigger brands do it

Follow all the bigger brands from your field, that truly resonate with your brand ethos – follow them and learn from them the various strategies implemented by them. Word of caution here: Don’t just blindly copy them, get inspired, learn a few tips and tricks. Then, create original content for your business that covers the entire essence of your brand. Make sure to click the images well by using a good smartphone if you cannot afford a professional photographer. And make sure to post only grammatically correct text online – proofread before posting anything. Or better yet, create your own unique style of posting that can be soon identified with only your brand or label. Consistency is the only way.

These days, anyone can literally start their business from their home with a laptop and an Internet connection — in part thanks to the amazing possibilities that can be achieved with social media marketing. For me, Facebook, Instagram and creating original content  be it visual or text has always been a massive part of my marketing strategy right from the beginning of starting my business.

But, starting a Page or Instagram handle is just the initial step, posting consistently over there is 80% of your strategy. Make sure to post something new and creative everyday that makes your audience aware of your business.

All platforms have different purposes and strengths. A large amount of text could be used on Facebook to deliver a message. However, when using Instagram a graphic would be more useful.

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Take time out every day or once in two days to post on your social media platforms. If you are not serious about it, forget that your customers will take your brand seriously either.

Social platforms on which female entrepreneurs market their businesses – along with Facebook, include Instagram , Pinterest , Youtube,  LinkedIn and Snapchat. Choose 2 or 3 platforms to reach out to your target audience and make sure to post regularly there.

Build a community

In spite of all social media activities happening online, I would still advise you to create a community for your audience. Join relevant Facebook groups and share posts about your business or better still, create a group of your brand and link it to your Page. You can also create a Whatsapp group or a broadcast list to reach your customers directly. But remember to post and engage with your audience regularly. If someone posts a query and there is no one to reply back then it reflects badly on your business.

Also leave comments on other’s posts, this will help to increase awareness about your business, especially in your local area. Another way to reach out to a wider audience is by getting influencers on board. Identify influencers who will represent your brand image well and collaborate with them.

Time spent on Social Media

Most businesses know they need to be online because it is where almost everyone spends their time. If social media plays such a big role in people’s lives, businesses should be focusing on it. This means more than posting content without much thought from time to time. It matters what a business posts online because there is strong competition. It is known fact that, social media is effective with 94 percent of small businesses using it as a marketing tool. Therefore, businesses should have a strategy that they use to schedule specific content. Create a plan which makes being on social media a routine event. This will also make forgetting to post on platforms a thing of the past.

But, you have a business to run, it is a start up and it requires your attention. The biggest solution to this problem is to devote some time and schedule your posts in advance. While you can do so easily with the Facebook Pages App, for Instagram, there are a few apps that can be tried to see if it works well with you.

Otherwise, you will need to hire someone to dedicatedly post on your social media platforms and also reply to all possible queries. If you are looking to expand then this will be a good investment in the long run.

Keep an eye on those numbers

It has become difficult to get organic likes on Facebook. Unless you boost your post, they are unlikely to get any attention online. Make it a priority to promote your Page and post creative and important posts from time to time. The same boost can also be carried forward to Instagram if you have linked your Facebook Page to the Instagram account.

Try new features

New features like Stories that stay online only for 24 hours, Live and interactive videos are known to increase engagement with your audience on various social media platforms. A lot of people are swearing by these features as it is getting them more customers. Do try some of them and include them in your social media strategy.

Many upcoming brands and businesses have  completely changed their growth and trajectory by adopting social media into their strategy. It is time to use social media constructively and yield desired results.

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