The Digital Woman!

Posted: November 19, 2018

A fun poem about today’s sassy digital women who are master of all trades.


Tic tic on mobile,

few clicks on keyboard,

Double click on mouse,

Chats with spouse,

and there she is clicking to the future,

The digital woman of today.

Business or office, home maker or teacher,

Doctor or engineer, cook or painter,

media person or design artist,

bakes cake or write codes,

Chapati on tava and blue tooth on ears,

Instant veggies and quick recipes,

works from home or office,

and now has no time for fears.

Updated not outdated, fast not slow,

she is a multi-tasker all the way.

Have risen from their marginal lives,

to craft their futures on the center stage.

Boardroom, or courtroom,

Washroom or bed room she can handle all well.

Kids or interiors, parties or presentations

she can properly dwell.

Market now has Women’s Horlicks, calcium and Revital too,

which was earlier meant only for the men to do.

Dominates all areas of life in a manner well to do,

She is a strong woman with a restless mind too.

Facebook, twitter are her new friends

and no knowledge is far from her always working head,

She has balanced the charts in graph that move ahead

along with cultural expectations widespread,

She has chambers in brain like a bulkhead.

She is a global force,

She is the digital force,

She is the super future,

She is the Digital Woman.


Image Source: Pexels

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