We Are Still Holding It

This poem comes as a thank you to all who still are holding it and fighting it in the pandemic.

This poem comes as a thank you to all who still are holding it and fighting it in this pandemic.

A lot has been said and written and discussed on the global pandemic we had all gone through in the last few months.
We all sailed in it together, some missed it some lived it. We all tried and we all still am living with it. Above all, This poem comes as a thank you to all who still are holding it and fighting it. Hope you like it. 

We successfully did and

We will keep holding it

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We were unsure
But we tried
We were terrified
But we sailed
We survived
April was panic
May it grew
By the time June came,
We just got used to.
We lost some hope,
We missed the social life.
faith was confused,
money was a number,
jobs were questioned,
still, we stayed strong.
And we are still holding it
We tried finding meaning,
In arts and acts,
In books & quotes,
In series & music,
In cooking & baking,
In yoga & meditating,
In words and worlds,
In old friends and new,
And we are still holding it… 


With sanitizers and the mask
We accepted the new normal task
We patiently looked at old pics
and kept dreaming of places and trips
We longed to go out 
yet we stayed happily insides too,
We missed friends and family,
We missed malls & movies,
We missed shopping and trips,
We missed drives and walks too,
But we accepted
And we are still holding it 


The clubs
The gyms
The library
The movies
The beach
The mountains
The cafe’s
The roads
All seem to be calling
But we are still holding it
We got socially active
We made some new friends
We made some new bonds,
We even refreshed the old ones too.
We shared and even laughed
We played & even fought
Some flirting, some blurting
Some gossiping, some sharing
Some paintings, Some coloring
We longed those meetings
But we are still holding it 


We missed some cheers,
We missed those bonded chairs,
We want the old normal
We want the old corridors
We want the old meetings
We want the old traveling
We want the old driving
We want the old shopping
But we are still holding 


The doctors, nurses
even health workers and cops
The courier delivery boys
The shop keepers &
local vegetable guys
They all came as saviors,
They all came as warriors,
and we really thank them all. 


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We are praying…
We are hoping…
for this to end…
for this to change…
But we are still holding


We are silently praying
We are continuously hoping
We are keeping with the trust
We are holding on the faith
We need the dent to mend
We need the gap to be filled
We need the crack to heal
We need the scratch to conceal
We need the fear to grieve
We need the anxiety to leave
But we are still holding
Globally we are bonding
Internally we are building
Externally we are looking
And we are still holding…
We will hold on… 
As we are still holding it
And We will go on…
image source: Pixabay

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