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It’s Too Negative! Bollywood Actress And Fashion Diva Sonam Kapoor Quits Twitter

Excessive hatred on Twitter these days compelled actress Sonam Kapoor, who was very active on social media, to quit Twitter. Trolls need to take a chill pill. 

Excessive hatred on Twitter these days compelled actress Sonam Kapoor, who was very active on social media, to quit Twitter. Trolls need to take a chill pill.   

“You are fat, you don’t deserve to be an actress.”
“Oh! That actress married the rich guy, what a gold digger.”
“You don’t know acting, you are a flop.”

Did you feel the hate after reading these comments? Well, let me tell you something that these are not made up comments, this is actual trolling that celebrities go through on social media. And now it’s high time to ask, why are people so mean on the internet? Can’t we all just be nice to others?

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, usually active on social media, announced recently that she is taking some time off from Twitter. The fashion icon did not give any details as to why she is taking a break from Twitter, but she mentioned that Twitter has become “too negative”. Before signing off, Sonam wished peace and love to her followers and wrote: “I’m going off Twitter for a while. It’s just too negative. Peace and love to all!”.

There is an assumption here that probably the reason behind this step of Sonam was online trolling on her latest post about traffic problems in Mumbai. Whether or not trolling was responsible for this step taken by Sonam, but the fact over here is that why social media has become a platform where everyone is busy dumping their hatred in the form of trolling?

We as outsiders generally think that the life of a celebrity is all about fame, popularity, and money. However, what we don’t see is that there is a constant fear of intrusion in personal life by their own fans. There is a constant threat of being too vulnerable to their fans and that’s a struggle that has gone from bad to worse due to social media.

Celebrities are not the only victims

Trolling is not just saying mean or disturbing things on social media, but revolves around the idea of slut-shaming, body-shaming and putting down a person to a disturbingly low level. It is not something that only celebrities go through – journalists, speakers or even common people like you and me become victims of it the moment we put out our opinion on something.

This group of anonymous people, generally identified as trolls, put out negativism or hatred on anything not at par with their ideologies. They don’t think twice as to how it would mentally and socially effect the person they are speaking ill about.

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Horrifying hatred

Celebrities’ lives are open, very much visible to their fans; this generally accounts for a lot of hatred. The way trolls put forward their opinion is very mean. It’s a thing that one person starts and it spreads like a forest fire. It starts with a comment on the personal life of the celebrity, their actions, dressing etc, then people start putting forward their own precious views.

There is no denying that some people support these celebrities and go against the trolls. But as we all know negativity moves faster than positivity; as a result of this trolling, the next day we see media flooded by sensational headlines like “Aise hui ye famous actress social media pe dag-daar” or “See how this celebrity was shamed for her bad dressing sense”.

So, in this way, a celebrity who is comfortably living his or her life suddenly becomes the point of debates, discussions, questions, and negativity from a huge crowd. For a common person, this could be very disturbing. And for a celebrity with an image to be maintained and an inspiration of some kind, negativity is horrifying. It can even compel them to quit sharing their life, being vulnerable or even avoiding any sort of interaction with their fans.

Some recent examples of the sort are Radhika Apte being trolled for wearing a bikini because it was apparently indecent. Rhea Chakraborty was trolled for clicking a picture with Mahesh Bhatt – labeled as indecent and questioned about their personal relationship by the trolls. Daniel Weber was trolled for posting a picture to show his love for his family on father’s day, the picture was labelled as ‘dirty’ by the trolls. This proves that simple things that celebrities do become a matter of hatred and negativity in this world.

Opt for ‘delete’ rather than ‘post’

We need to ask ourselves this question, Have we all become some self-centered, immoral people who can’t even have little respect for one another? If you are a person being bothered by internet trolls, then calmly and patiently you must speak up against them. They need a lesson while you need some self-assurance and the belief that you are not wrong.

If you are a troll then you need to broaden your mind and set it up straight. Walk a virtual mile in the shoes of the person you are trolling. Ask yourself if you would say this to the person’s face if he or she was there in front of you. If the answer is “no”, then please opt for “delete” rather than “send” or “post”. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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