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Feeling Low? 19y.o Amina Mehmood’s Insta Page Offers Simply Beautiful Messages Of Hope

With her Instagram page 'The Chasing Writer', young Amina Mehmood is inspiring about 11 thousand people with her motivational words, stories, and quotes.  

There are days when all of us can do with someone else being ‘on our team’. With her Instagram page ‘The Chasing Writer’, young Amina Mehmood offers those messages of hope you need. 

“Do not lose hope if you’re sinking deep,

Remember that flowers bloom even in the ocean”

-The Chasing Writer (Amina Mehmood)

In this digital age, we sometimes feel we are slaves in the hands of technology. However, there are also young people using technology in positive ways to offer messages of hope.

We all have our ups and downs. Bad times choke us and make us feel suffocated. But not all of us succumb to the bad times – some of us come out and motivate others. That is exactly what 19-year-old Amina Mehmood is doing as ‘The Chasing Writer.’

With more than 11k followers on her Instagram page, The Chasing Writer Amina is an inspiration on for many souls out there. She says to the world through her writings that yes, one day, everything will get better.

Words gave her courage and hope

Amina Mehmood is an undergraduate student of a combined bachelor’s course in mass communication with English literature and political science at St Francis College for Women, Hyderabad. She started her journey as a poet by writing journals. For her, this was a way of rafting her emotions in one place. This habit made her realize the fact that maybe she has a story as well that is meant to be shared with others.

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“Personally, there was a time when my words were the only thing that gave me courage and hope for the future. I thought to myself, that we are never alone. People in the world are always connected and I realized that maybe someone, somewhere feels the way I feel too.”

This realization was the turning point in her life which prompted her to start the Instagram page, The Chasing Writer in 2017. Since then she has never looked back on the journey of chasing her dreams and inspiring others.

Being on each other’s team

Commenting on her own journey so far Amina says that she never thought that so many people would appreciate her and connect with her words. According to her, the feeling that so many people feel the same as you do is the best part of this beautiful journey.

Every new day she aspires to keep her 11k Instagram family inspired and vulnerably brave because for her making people realize that ‘we’re on each other’s team’ is the most important thing.

For Amina, apart from her family’s support the comments and reposts are the driving force in her life. When people share her work then it keeps her inspired and motivated. People often message her that her posts make them pumped up for the day or they turn up to her words with a surety of finding hope. Messages like these are what keep Amina inspired. It makes her feel that yes, she has achieved something.

Bringing light to the darkness

Although Amina has had many overwhelming moments, the best was the day when she received a message from one of her followers saying that it was because of her words that she is still alive, breathing.

This message completely changed her life and made her realize that yes, her page is doing something for people out there. It was a journey that was more than just sharing her stories.

According to Amina the thought of helping someone to overcome their suicidal thoughts and be able to bring light to their darkness is a feeling that she can never fully express.

Finding a balance is the key

Given that social media is such a crucial part of her journey, Amina says, “I think social media has a huge impact on today’s generation. It provides everyone a voice like never before, but it has both a positive and negative side to it. It’s important that we try to find a balance in both the real and virtual world. We need to branch out with the world but also stays connected to our roots. So, finding a balance is the key.”

In the end, Amina says all that she wants to do is to connect with more and more people through her words and stay inspired as she keeps her readers inspired – you see, being on each other’s team is all that matters.

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