For The Sake Of Faith…

The author explains why, though she believes in God, she places less emphasis on blind faith and prefers to invest in patience.

The author explains why, though she believes in God, she places less emphasis on blind faith and prefers to invest in patience.

Hey Mere Ram..

Oh my Lord Ram..

Tere naam se shayad vishwaas uth gaya mera,

I no longer have faith in thy name..

Ab woh ache lagte hain tera naam japaane wale..

Rather I am now fascinated to those who try to lure me in doing things in thy name..

Tere bando se vishwaas uth gaya mera,

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I am losing faith in real people around me..

Ab woh zyada sache hain tera dhong karne wale..

I am now more inclined towards those who pretend to be thy followers..

Pehle mann ki sunta tha main,

There was a time, I used to listen to my heart and it’s instincts..

Ab shayad sabki sunta hun main..

Now I end up listening to all..

Pehle pooja teri karta tha main,

Gone are those days when I used to take your name also..

Ab poojao mein hi rehta hun main.. 

Now all I do whole day is just worship..

Yu to main bada seedha sa tera naam japta hun din bhar,

Apparently, I take your name whole day for all holiness..

Kahi anjane mein kisi ka dil chahe dukh jaye kahi par..

Even if I end up hurting others unwittingly..

Ek samay tha tere vishwas se dhairye milta tha,

There used to be times your name sake used to relax my anxiety..

Prabhu hai mere saath soch kar haunsla bandhta tha..

I was aware that my Lord is with me for the support..

Ek aaj hai jab thoda bhi sabr nahi kar pata hun main,

While today, on the contrary, I lose patience in every other situation..

Tera naam japaane walo mein hi tujhe dhundna chahta hun main..

I find myself lost in the vicious circle created by these people selling your name..

Well, yeah! If you get the gist of my self-composed prose above, and are able to relate even a small bit, you will be deemed to notice for yourself that how times have changed and so has our way of looking at the (super) natural powers that are thought to exist in this universe.

I am not saying that I am a pessimist; rather I am the kind of a person who would just believe in the Almighty for the sake of seeking a psychological/mental satisfaction to keep going in this daily race of our mere existence.

Yes, I believe in God, but to the limit it is does not touch superstition.

I believe in karma and realize that to survive; one has to start every morning with a positive vibe challenging our own self and keep going with a constructive mindset to earn our own bread and butter.

Beyond doubt, the faith in the name of GOD, (for I have not got the chance to confront the Almighty), gives me the strength that I have to keep doing my KARMA and have this feeling that super powers are with me, watching & supporting all along and for the best that’s destined for me and I have to be patient!

This faith helps me enjoy every inch my life is progressing.

We are not aware of what is going to happen next moment, nor can anyone. Even if we knew, do you think it would be easier? Nope, life would be worse!

Have you realized how common it is these days that we have so called GURUs surrounding us all over?

Some people even have special rooms in their homes for them, while they have so many lavish Ashramas and conduct sessions and proceedings to enlighten people. The only thing that comes to my mind on such huge proceedings and session is that it adds only traffic to the overburdened roads and not to forget the noise pollution. In the end, it makes life miserable only. Still people are supporting these blind folded.

There used to be times, people used to mock at worshipping a mere stone in the name of God!

I guess, that’s rather better!

If these GURUs are so damn aware of our future or know how to correct it, then they must be aware of theirs as well. Why can’t they help themselves? Who asked them to market this in the first place!

And trust me and look back from your own experience. Even if you follow what they ask you to correct your destiny, you will notice that after few years you will end at the same situation where you would have been at that time in past but you actually decided to take a de-route because you were made to believe it was the best to do at that time.

If you had let destiny take its course, you might have had a bad time temporarily, but that would have resolved by now, also teaching you a new lesson in life.

But the truth of the matter is, we don’t want to learn, we don’t want to wait, we want immediate assurance and results.

People do not realize, but following GURUs have made them more insecure.

Do you really think GOD or any super power would need our finances or expensive gifts or the milk or fruits for that matter, to help us? It is a mere business and we all are helping them grow it day by day.

People are losing patience over every other situation in life. Be it a medical condition, kid’s entrance exam, job opportunity or what not. Instead of consulting different doctors, and doing some research or supporting our loved ones morally, we end up calling GURUJis for resolution. 

Better listen to some spiritual music or hymns for that purpose and relax your mind so that it can think straight.

Isn’t a GURU ideally supposed to be a spiritual teacher who should enlighten our heart, clear the blockage in our minds and hearts motivating us to move ahead on our paths patiently?

Well, I am sure there are such GURUs still present but very rare, who neither want your money/gifts, won’t even visit your home, and you will notice they are the ones having an astonishing aura on their face.

We exist today in this universe and, breathing free air. We are here to fight and survive, yet enjoy this beautiful life as the most blessed creature in this universe. Just keep telling yourself to keep it going with a positive note every day and feeling that all is going great and you are much luckier than a ton of population around you.

To recapitulate, I would like to echo that I am a strong believer in the name of GOD and also respect those who do. But over and above, I believe in Karma and Patience.

The whole intent behind sharing my views on this sensitive topic is to suggest that let us not deviate our self from the main goal of survival and let us keep taking the Leaps of Faith.


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