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Let’s Fan The Flames Of Those Smouldering Fires

Women are not "pure beings" to be worshipped, or vilified if they stray from that, but human beings with their own desires. #Poetry

Women are not “pure beings” to be worshipped, or vilified if they stray from that, but human beings with their own desires. #Poetry

She’s romanticized
She’s idealized
Put on a pedestal
And immortalized

A symbol of nurture and purity
Of sweetness and naivety
She is glorified for either
Her domesticity or virginity
But deprived of her
Individuality and sexuality

She personifies compassion and endurance
Burdened with suffering and penance
Yet she is just a human being
With needs, wants and desires unseen

She likes to touch and to feel
And to fantasize with zeal
If she enjoys porn and sensuality,
Why must she feel guilty?

Her urges and desires,
Like smoldering fires,
Ebb and grow,
In a rhythmic flow,
Until a climax transpires
A moment of bliss
She pursues all on her own
A private pleasure
To be treasured alone

She isn’t a witch
or a bitch
or a freak with a twitch
She’s just a woman with an itch

It’s true
Women get horny too
And guess what?
It’s not new

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Girls it’s time to
Break free from this secret
And to fan the flames
Sans the guilt and the regret

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Image source: pixabay

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