The Instagram Page ‘I Am Like Other Girls’ Teaches Us To Be Proud Of Being Like Other Girls

The Instagram Page 'I Am Like Other Girls' teaches women to come together in solidarity and embrace their diversities while proudly proclaiming, 'I am like other girls.' 

The Instagram Page ‘I Am Like Other Girls’ teaches women to come together in solidarity and embrace their diversities while proudly proclaiming, ‘I am like other girls.’ 

How many times have you heard the phrase, or might have uttered it yourself, ”Oh! I’m not like other girls.”

How many times have you heard men claim (even in movies and novels) that they like a certain woman cause ‘she’s not like the rest of them’.

While saying or hearing such things, we’ve internalized this concept of shame of being associated to other girls. But is it really such a thing of pride to dissociate oneself from one’s entire gender?

After all, how can we generalize half the world’s population into the lump of ‘other girls’ and dissociate ourselves from it to feel pride?

Aren’t we doing ourselves a disservice by putting our own sisters down?

Shouldn’t we be united in our diversity and in our girlhood.

Ellie Lee and Tara Anand might have thought of these things when they decided to celebrate girlhood instead of shunning it. 

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Lee and Anand started an Instagram page, iamlikeothergirls, to tell girls that there is no shame and regret in saying ‘I am like other girls’.

All the images on the page feature a pink background, since pink is a color that has always been associated with women. It shows a girl saying what she is proud of, be it her passions, motives, or simply her identity. The images feature one sentence, either in the form of a speech bubble, or around her face itself.

A commonality to all the sentences is the fact that each of them end with the phrase “I am like other girls”.

My personal favourite, mainly because I love doing this so much, is an image which features a brown girl wearing pink lipstick, with her hair tied in buns. She says, “I bite my nails and I am like other girls.” The reason I can relate to it so much is because even I bite my nails every single day of the week, despite the fact that my mother often tells me off for doing so.

Here are some other images from the page:



The main idea of iamlikeothergirls is the fact that all girls are united, however different we may be. The page aims to bring together all women from different walks of life to unite, and proudly celebrate womanhood as a whole community. The page does not celebrate one particular class of women, but the entire female global community.

Well, the idea is certainly paying off. With over 4,000 followers on Instagram, iamlikeothergirls wants differences between various women to be put to rest, and for all women to come together and tell the world: I am like other girls, and I am proud of it!

After all, why should boys have all the fun?

Image Source: Instagram

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