Here Are 10 Easy Fitness Videos That You Can Use To Exercise At Home

Want to workout but not finding time to go to a gym? Here are 10 easy fitness videos for women to watch and exercise at home.

Want to workout but not finding time to go to a gym? Here are 10 easy fitness videos for women to watch and exercise at home.

As women, we often find it difficult to manage both work and home. In the process, we do not find time to maintain our bodies in a good shape. However, there are several forms of exercise which can be performed at home, with a little help from equipment. There are easy fitness videos available online that can come to your rescue.

Here are 10 easy fitness videos for women to do at home, that are of different types of exercise. You can do some research of your own to find some more easy fitness videos to do at home, if you want to explore more in a certain exercise type.


Made by Popsugar Fitness, all you need for this cardio workout is a simple yoga mat, or a thick bedsheet. The easy fitness video provides you a comprehensive idea of cardio, and encourages you to practice the form as you feel fit. It also has a small timer showing you how much time is left for the workout to finish, helping you plan the day accordingly.


This easy fitness video shows you how to do yoga for the full body, and explains several yoga poses, like the Suryanamaskar, the cobra pose, yoga poses for the back, etc. It also has extremely soothing music, to help you relax after a stressful day. The entire video contains detailed instructions, and can help you feel calm within 5 minutes.


One of the most popular forms of exercise, Zumba will make sure you get up and start dancing on the floor! Well, this entire easy fitness video, about 4 minutes long, helps you get pumped up in the morning, and drain out the excess toxins and sweat from your body, so that you feel fresh throughout the day. Zumba has also proven to be very effective, making people lose 10 kilos in about 5 months. Though the steps might prove to be a bit challenging initially, the effort is definitely worth the result!

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A simple white cotton top and a yoga mat is all that you need for taekwondo. Get ready to make your hands and legs sweat, but in a fun and holistic way. The moves shown in the easy fitness video can be performed by both men and women, so make your partner work out with you as well! Some of the moves in the video can be used for self-defence, so regularly practice it at home. You might just be able to put those moves to use!


A relatively new form of working out, kickboxing requires little to no equipment. This easy fitness video is for those who know absolutely nothing about kickboxing, and for who love good music while working out. It provides you with a comprehensive understanding, and includes water breaks, for those who require it!


Primarily used by sportspersons, an endurance workout is like a mixture of sorts. It appeals to basketball players, football players, volleyball players and even badminton players. This video demonstrates how to maintain speed and agility while not feeling intensely tired. Isn’t it amazing?


Used mainly for your muscles in the midriff area of your body, this easy fitness video on Core workouts demonstrates simple exercises to strengthen your core. Wear comfortable clothes, and loose trousers for any Core workout, as it might get a bit heated up, towards the end of the session.


Any flexibility exercise aims to make your body feel longer, and for you to make you feel taller. The exercises in this easy fitness video are simple to perform, and can be performed by anyone at home, even your little daughter. Try out these exercises before or after your actual workout!


For performing any stability exercises at home, you might need a big ball, or a ball that you can sit on. Easily available in any fitness store near you, the point of stability exercises is to make your body feel stable, especially when you are scared, or during natural disasters. These exercises ensure that your entire body is in one frame of mind and that it is perfectly coordinated.

Strength training

The most highly recommended workout is the 7-minute strength workout, which helps your body’s muscles become stronger and more supple. Proper instructions are provided in the easy fitness video, and there are occasional restraints. End your workout with a couple of strength training exercises. The body can relax, and you can take deep breaths throughout.

With some varied workouts on this list, all we need is to create some time to award ourselves some me-time. All these exercises are easy to perform, though they will release some sweats at the end of each workout. Enjoy your routine, and here’s to a healthier you!

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