AIB’s New Video Is A Slap On The Face Of Karni Sena’s Shameful Actions

AIB's scathingly critical video An Ode To Karni Sena expresses everything we felt as these barbaric 'defenders of culture' attacked a school bus with kids.

AIB’s scathingly critical video An Ode To Karni Sena expresses everything we felt as these barbaric ‘defenders of culture’ attacked a school bus full of children.

Since the latter half of 2017 and the whole of January 2018, Karni Sena had thrown so many tantrums around a movie about a fictional narrative that it was almost funny. Until these a-holes went ahead and attacked a school bus full of children, trying to get their demands fulfilled. It was an appalling act of violence which was heavily criticized around the country and the world. A conglomeration of cultural buffoons go ahead and attack a bus full of children in India! Incredible India, indeed! I cannot even express the amount of rage that I feel towards them.

AIB has been known for their brilliance in presenting a critique of the socio-political climate of the country and absolutely nailing it. This video manages to account for every action, reaction, emotion and mood that was experienced regarding the above incident. Watch below.

Where have we come to, as a nation?- This is a question that we should be asking ourselves every day because it is shameful. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING in the supposedly glorious Indian culture can even begin to justify this barbaric act. I don’t know how some people expect others to be ‘nationalistic‘ when incidents like these are on a steady rise. I cannot feel proud to be an Indian if our authorities are not powerful enough to curb and punish these vile perpetrators of violence in the name of honour and culture, while otherwise, they seem to be very interested in snipping away at the fabric of the freedom of expression of the citizens of the country.

I’m sorry, but I can’t! And if you can, I have nothing to say to you because that is how defeated I feel right now.  Go ahead, let Karni Sena’s dance all over the constitution while the common people cannot even exercise their fundamental rights. Good day!

Featured Image is a screen grab from AIB’s YouTube Video

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