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Should I Quit My Marriage? I Don’t Know What To Do, And Would Like Your Help, Ladies!

Posted: November 30, 2017

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I have never felt heard or valued for being myself in my marriage, but because my son loves my husband, I feel unsure – should I quit my marriage? Help!

Today is a special day in my life. Trying to be happy but not feeling good inside. For the last so many years that I have been married, there have been a few days where I was happy, but the following days have been spent in a tense environment.

I have always thought of myself as a balanced person. But my husband is just opposite. Sometimes I feel that no one is more caring than him, but again there are times where no one is harder than him.

There is only one problem which creates trouble in our life. His view of taking things only from his perspective. I have never felt free in my married life. For everything I do or have interest in, he has a opinion. If he doesn’t like something then I shouldn’t, too! In all these years, I have failed to make him understand that if he doesn’t like, or does like something, it is just his opinion. That he should not force the persons around him to feel the same way.

He is a knowledgeable person but sometimes I feel his this sense of superiority is a problem for me. He is not able to accept me as I am or me as an individual.

I wish he could think someday that he is just a part of my life, not my whole life and he has no right to ask me to change my opinion just because he, as my husband, has a different opinion.

For example, he doesn’t like to be active on social media, and thinks that those who use Facebook and WhatsApp are just wasting their time – so social media is to be banned at home! He has even tried throwing tantrums to get me off social media, even threatening to commit suicide.

I want to ask this question to all the women reading this – should I continue in this relationship that feels toxic to me, or quit. I’m in a conundrum as I have a son who is very fond of his father, and my husband takes care of him really well.

To quit or not to quit? What do I do? Because of my son, I am unable to decide. This is a call for help from all of you!

Image source: pixabay

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