What Is Life If Only Sun-Shiny? A Few Premenstrual Storms Can Certainly Spice Things Up!

Periods and the associated symptoms of PMS can have a devastating effect. A hilarious look at what we say and what we mean at these times!

Periods and the associated symptoms of PMS can have a devastating effect. A hilarious look at what we say and what we mean at these times!

Usually, my periods arrive and leave as smoothly as a gentle breeze. But once in a while, I do have those tornados that turn my mind upside down. The most disastrous impact of one of these is obviously on the one around the tornado periphery – Hubby dearest!

At least speaking about myself, there is an obvious variation in the words spoken and their actual meaning on tornado days. And I fail to understand this myself but this bad mood weather is meted out to hubby exclusively! Honestly, very honestly, I love him. Maybe because I take the luxury of taking him for granted for bearing my sporadic rare tantrums that I do not hesitate in being my mad self only around him. I am sure that a handy dictionary dedicated to these few days must be something he secretly wishes for, sometimes.

Some hand picked examples from my list :

1. Words : “Just let me be for a while. I need peace.”

Meaning : “How dare you leave me alone? I need somebody to listen to me. I could use some offloading right now.”

These are usually the moments when suddenly all the things in the recent and distant past that I want to get back at him for are blurted out. And my expectation from him is to be a non argumentative listener. Sounds mean, right?

2. Words : “We don’t have to order dinner. I will manage to prepare it.”

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Meaning : “Look, I don’t at all mind your lack of interest in cooking. But you must at least know that cooking does require effort. It would be such a relief for me if for once you ordered food without asking for my choice of the eatery or cuisine or dip for that matter.”

3. Words : “You won’t be able to find the toys/things the kids are asking for. I will get those in another five minutes.”

Meaning : “It is surely not as difficult as Columbus’ or Marco Polo’s expeditions. If you ask me the whereabouts I would give you detailed location coordinates with the room, cupboard and shelf. Does that still seem so difficult to do it yourself?”

4. Words : “I don’t need a break!”

Meaning : A big fat lie. I don’t know how and why do I utter these words at all. Some awkward ego maybe. Because at that moment, that is what exactly I need. “A break! I hope you will insist one more time that I take it. Let me tell you that I will take your offer of going out shopping alone if you make it just one more time.”

5. Words : “Hmmm”/”Okay”/A stern nod

Meaning : The most dangerous one of the lot, this onomatopoeia indicates that I have a lot to say in response to the question/statement you just made. But it might go haywire if I speak any further with my mood swing and could end up in a nasty fight. So, lets take some time out mate!

When the sunshine is back, I wonder myself what goes into my head at times, a couple of days before and during Aunt Flo’s arrival. I feel bad. We laugh. I ask myself to mind those mood swings. He is determined to read me precisely the next time. But it still happens all over again.

I don’t need to wait for him to probe me. He doesn’t need to keep a check on me as if I am a teenager. We are grown ups. But that’s the beauty of the relationship with a spouse. Sometimes we expect the other to be totally rational in response to one’s freaking irrational behaviour. After all, what is life with sunshine all the year long? A few tornadoes here and there definitely make the sunshine even brighter!

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