That Unavoidable Need For Every Woman – To Find That Someone Special

Every girl dreams of that someone special, even if she might not seem to, even if she might be a hard nosed career woman. Somewhere inside, she dreams...

Every girl dreams of that someone special, even if she might not seem to, even if she might be a hard nosed career woman. Somewhere inside, she dreams…

What do girls dream of? Oh wait… not the ones who live by the words of the family (no offence meant) but those who dare to live by their choices.

Let’s talk about a ‘she’ who’s one among the darers. She can be anything. She might aim to be an IAS officer; she might dream of achieving vistas in designing; she might brood of doing a PhD from a foreign University; she might retain a toned body to be a supermodel; she might study day and night to be a cardiac surgeon.

Now let’s take for consideration a ‘she’ who has fulfilled the dream she has tried and failed and tried again. Then the journey starts. It’s not a joy ride still she might stay strong in thick and thin times; seeing young couples in a park or hotel she might think of that to be out of her league; attending friends’ marriage she might not stand on the stage for a picture perfect moment, answering to relatives’ piercing questions she might say that I don’t need any pillar to build my home; she might spend the second week of February like any other week; she might have rejected a hundreds of proposals owing to lack of features or she might not have received a single proposal because men thought that they can’t match with her aura; she might explain to her friends that no one’s suitable enough for her or she might not have such good friends with whom she can talk of this.

At the end of the day she enters her bedroom and lies on the bed, and then she thinks “I wish I had someone”.

That’s the secret of every independent, strong and sophisticated girl out there whose life looks perfect for the aspiring darers. In all that glitter of accomplishment, there lays an empty space which is nothing but the unavoidable need of a Soulmate.

The support of parents and the company of friends are fine. But the effect of the fairy tales of childhood never actually fades away from the mind; with the growing years it just becomes dormant, not dead. She might not be a damsel in distress yet she dreams of a Prince Charming.

The definition for Prince Charming has changed; she does not dream of a man in shining armour coming to her on the horse back but she does dream of a man coming to her to fondle her hair.

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She might not want to wake up with a nagging step mother and wishing sadly that some day it ends but she wakes up with the fondest desire of good morning from someone who is neither one of her parents.

She might not go to the jungle to collect flowers and fruits and accidentally bump into a disguised king, but she goes to her workplace every day with the hope of finding someone who is unlike others.

She might not eat her food in the corner of the house to avoid the wrath of her gruelling sisters but when she eats her lunch she wants to share her day with someone in a way she does not share with others.

She might not get cold by sleeping on the floor at night yet she wants someone other than her mom to cover her with a blanket and a forehead kiss.

In everything she sees she wants to see him. In everything she does she wants to do it for him. In everywhere she goes she wants him to be there. This is the unquenchable thirst which keeps her thirsty no matter what nectar she’s gulped up of victories, accolades and honors.

She might be in her late twenties or in her early forties; she never loses the hope of the completion of the fantasy. She might say that she does not need a man to live but in actuality she needs a man; a man who can make her feel complete. She might say that she does not need love but in reality every other ‘she’ needs love desperately because it’s that one most glittering highlight stone of the crown which makes her the Queen.

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