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Women — Let’s Talk Sexual Desires #WomenOnTheMove

Posted: January 6, 2017

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Indian women have always been hesitant about talking about their sexual desires. Time for change. Let’s talk sexual desires say#WomenOnTheMove

Sexual desires being a male domain is passé. Women today are increasingly taking charge of their sexual desires; and Indian women are no different.

The growth of technology and the rise of the internet is the biggest if not the only contributor in shaping the thought process of modern Indian women. It has helped women to connect with others and has motivated them to explore uncharted territories. It has opened up a whole new world of learning and enlightenment for them. Young women in the city no longer perceive sex as something that can be done only after wedlock. Indian women today are cognisant of their needs and refuse to feel guilty about wanting good sex.

In mid-December 2016, in our weekly #Womenonthemove chat over at Twitter, we discussed why women should take charge of their sexual desires. This is what #WomenOnTheMove said. (If you’re not yet following Women’s Web on Twitter, do now, and you can come over for the chat too, every Wednesday 6-7 pm IST).

Women — shun the taboos. Embrace your desires. Break Free.

Myths around sex and sexual desires are immense. Time to bid them goodbye for good

The shell needs to be broken and women need to take charge

There’s no denying that movies do influence our thoughts. But have they come of age themselves?

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