This Women’s Day, I Dare You To . . . !

On Women's Day coming up soon, there is something that you MUST certainly do. Here's a Women's Day dare that you should take up!

On Women’s Day coming up soon, there is something that you MUST certainly do. Here’s a Women’s Day dare that you should take up!

With Women’s Day (8th March) just around the corner, I have this crazy thought in my head. But before that let’s discuss a little about the traditional Women’s Day celebrations (if you may call it one…) in India.

In the last 10 years or so, Women’s Day celebration has been galore in more ways than one.

  • The working women who get reminded by their company of how privileged and honoured the company is to be having a good percentage of women working with them. They have a small event at times to acknowledge the women in their office.
  • Another lot of the corporate world who wind it up with some flowers, chocolates and a gift.
  • Some men, who sometimes after a lot of nagging from the women in their house or sometimes out of their own will, try to do the chores of the house for that particular day.
  • Some men, sometimes even take women out for a nice lunch or dinner. In a way the whole family gets an outing thanks to Women’s day.
  • Sometimes the kids of these lovely women, manage to do a little surprise thingy for their mothers.
  • The single ladies who don’t really want to be called a woman, get flowers of confusing colours from their guy friends.
  • And so on…

When is the last time you did something for yourself on a Women’s Day? I know how many people believe the same notion as Valentine’s Day, that every day is a Women’s day. Oh yes, we are very much progressing on that path. But many a times why do we women wait for someone else to do something for us, rather than do something for ourselves?

This Women’s Day I dare you Women… To do something that you have never done before. Something that you have always wanted to do but never had the guts to do it. Rather than waiting for your family to do something for you or for your company to give you those roses which they are doing just to be a part of the 21st century women empowerment notion and nothing that they mean, why don’t you do something for yourself this time.

  • Go pamper yourself for a spa or a salon treatment that you were longing to do but never got the time for.
  • Declare on your own, that you need a holiday from household chores rather than waiting for the man of the house to try and surprise you. Be vocal about your expectation.
  • Don’t just accept those flowers & tiny gifts from your office. Make yourself heard about the equal level of acceptance you need to have at your workplace.
  • Relax and spend the day by yourself. Enjoy your own company. Read a book. Go for a movie with your other girl friends or all by yourself.

You know what I am going to do? I may sound crazy. I have always been made fun of when I try to put on makeup. This time I am going to do it any which ways. And most importantly, wear my favourite dark pink lipstick. Judge me all you can, I don’t care. This time I am going to be me. And this is just the beginning…

This Women’s Day, don’t just try to liberate yourself, feel liberated too. Do absolutely anything that you feel like doing without worrying about being judged by people. Do you have the courage? Will you initiate a change…for yourself?

I dare you…!

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