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An Ode To A Woman’s Elevating Accessory – The Heeled Shoes!

Posted: March 18, 2017

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Shoes often maketh a woman too, and heeled shoes can add inches to your confidence, especially as you take your place among women breaking barriers!

The colour of fresh cherries, the dark red shades of wine, Deep brown like dark chocolates or Black – the colour of a dark night. Just looking at them once can make the better humans go crazy.

They could help you overcome the deep sadness or the interview you could not get in. They could make you forget that guy who did not look at you today morning when you could not stop staring at him, or may be the mess you made out of the dish which  you hoped would be a Michelin star.

Out of the glass walls just a single glance at them once has the capability to take you to deep levels of imaginations. They could even cure the ailment of loneliness for some as they never change and stay with you whatever it takes. They don’t change faces like people, they don’t change shades like climate, and they don’t shrink like clothes. You might get fat, or slim or old or lonely or anything, they will always fit. They are heeled shoes. The girls’ heeled Shoes.

Did you know that Black might not be the black she wants? Yes there could be hundreds of shades of black too. The shade when purple mixes in black, the essence of black grapes being crushed to make wine and the heavenly colour can just evaporate all tensions.

The silvery White – Nothing can be more royal than this. The combinations of black and white sounds just like piano madness. The toughness of leather that signifies the toughness which is hidden somewhere inside and which will come out when needed. Just as a painter gives a mature stroke on the canvas and the colour makes a pattern which he did not even imagine ever existed, the feeling of slipping inside a perfect pair is just similar.

Never to miss the combination of tints. The magic Black does when it has Pink. Not less than a salsa of a man suited in a Black dress and a girl with a lil pink dress. What Yellow does to Red is not less than a beautiful sunrise of early morning. That extra inch which you gain, its not just the gain in height but it gives you a gain in confidence. That walk in dark brown heels and yes believe me half of the work is done right away. All what is left is just a formality.

Well, at this point you might be thinking – how can someone make such metaphors for something as dead as ‘shoes’! But here I would like to write that these are not just heeled shoes but ‘the Shoes’, ‘The Earned Shoes’! And every Girl who is obsessed with them and is independent will agree with me that they make you feel confident, feel independent, feel successful.

But for that YOU NEED TO EARN THEM and once you do, the world is under your Heels, Girl! Go get a pair of heeled shoes today, let it be a treat for your existence. YOU. No matter what!

Image source: flickr

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