Wanderer by nature, IITian by qualification, An HR manager by profession. Love exploring new places, new cuisines, new cultures. Romantic wifi,Desi Bahu-at-home ,an Agyakari Daughter, quarrelsome Sis and a totally ambitious person. Passionate about being independent and looking forward to the beauty of the unfolding pages of life.

Voice of Sarita

heeled shoes
An Ode To A Woman’s Elevating Accessory – The Heeled Shoes!

Shoes often maketh a woman too, and heeled shoes can add inches to your confidence, especially as you take your place among women breaking barriers!

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a woman alone
“Abhi Tak Shaadi Nahi Hui? Koi Problem Hogi!”

A woman alone is considered fair game for many things in society. Not the least of which are intrusive questions by the auntijis!

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