7 Signs That You Feel As If You Have Been Married Forever!

Posted: March 7, 2017

Are you so comfortable with your spouse that you seem to have been married forever? Read on this funny look at relationships where the corners have been rubbed off.

You know you have been married for ‘x’ number of years, when you are so much in love, yet equally comfortable at doing and ‘not’ doing  a few things. Here is a funny, but truthful take on signs that will make you feel married forever!

Supernatural Powers

You suddenly posses these powers that you wish you had when you were dating. You sort of know what the other person is thinking at a given situation, and you end up completing each other’s words.


The monthly ritual of a facial and a mani-pedi becomes like a wish-list. You now, are totally okay with getting a facial done just when it’s the wedding season. Or, you maybe, when you are going on a vacation.

TMI (Too Much Information)

When you can belch and fart in each other’s company, as you enjoy your favourite TV show. It’s natural, so why be ashamed?!

No gifts

You stopped exchanging gifts on birthdays and anniversaries, because who really needs another sweater or lipstick you will never use?

Us time

The kids are always on you, and the last time you made love was when you got pregnant. So, the us time now just means grabbing takeaway from your favourite restaurant and watching a movie which you both like. Or, just catching up on sleep!

Momentary Fights

The squabbles and fights last just in the minute, and get resolved on their own. Like magic. Because you need your tea, or a drive to your friends place. No flowers or even apologies needed.

Date Night or Day

When you decide to have a sip at Starbucks right after you meet your doctor or drop the kids off to school.

Do you, my readers, have any of your experiences to add?

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  1. Lol!!! So true!

  2. Lololol! I found myself nodding my head at each one. Loved laughing through this post, Z!:)))

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