Dear Future Daughter… Be Selfish If Necessary!

This mother writes a letter to a future daughter, telling her about love, life, and the importance of being selfish sometimes...

This mother writes a letter to a future daughter, telling her about love, life, and the importance of being selfish sometimes…

I wish to tell you, how proud I would be to have you. As I cannot talk to you in person now, I felt the need to pen my thoughts down.

I am sure you would grow into a beautiful lady and you might sometimes find yourself tossed in a plethora of emotions. You will swirl in them, but would not wish to impose yourself on your loved ones. It happens and you will learn the art to master your emotions with time.

Of course, as you grow up, you will learn some of these lessons, but as your mother I would definitely want to tell you certain things that you should keep in mind as you evolve into a strong woman.

Be true to your self

Remember, you are not born to please EVERYONE. You will encounter tough times. Be bold enough to say “Try me”. Win people with love. You can even tame a dragon with love, but don’t hesitate to kill it if there is the need to do so.

Invest your emotions wisely

Empathize with people, but do not be opinionated. We can only walk in someone’s shoes but can never be them. Everyone is unique and beautiful, and so are you. So, share your emotions wisely. You may get hurt sometimes, but never give up on life for any reason.

Fall in love slowly

Never search for love. Let love find you. It doesn’t matter if your friends are taken and are getting married.

WAIT! Don’t wait for the ‘right guy’, but for the one who makes YOU feel right. If someone treats you like an option, leave him. As you deserve someone who loves you like I do.

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Be selfish

Eat that last slice of bread, if you have to.

Never give up on your dreams to live someone else’s life, or your career for a man. Remember, your career won’t wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore but a man may.

Be all you can be

Be crazy, be mean. Learn the ‘Universal law of free will’. Your color, size or clothes don’t define you. You are all that you have got. And, those who are meant to stick around will be there always.

Take your time and be patient

Don’t decide if you are stuck between mind and heart.

You may encounter situations when you cannot make a decision right away. Don’t stress out and have patience. Life will unveil itself slowly and your priorities will change with time. Hence, it is futile to take long-term decisions immediately.

Don’t hesitate, just try

Never be afraid of failures. If you succeed, you will be stronger, but if you don’t you will become wise. Make that trip if you wish to. Go that extra mile. Take risks, take chances, for an “oops” is always better than a “what if?”

Count your blessings in disguise

Realize that you are far blessed than anyone else and always believe in yourself. Help people selflessly and live each day fully.

Remember, I will always be with you in your decisions and most importantly, I will love you. Today, forever and always.

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