Mala Couldn’t Hear Or Speak, But The Way She Brought Up Her Kids Made Her A Super Mom!

Mala was differently abled - she couldn't hear or speak, but she was a super mom who was dedicated to bringing up her twins faultlessly!

Mala was differently abled – she couldn’t hear or speak, but she was a super mom who was dedicated to bringing up her twins faultlessly!

I ran to pick up my ringing mobile phone. I saw Isha’s name flashing and remembered that the board exam results were out, and Isha was calling to inform me about the outcome. Isha spoke to me animatedly,

“Hello Aunty, our results are out and I have scored 92%, and Varun scored 89%.”

Her excitement got transmitted to me as well. I said, “I am so happy to hear the wonderful news, I am sure your Mum must be overjoyed. All the credit goes to your Mum, don’t you feel so?” Isha replied, “Yes Aunty, I totally agree with you.”

Yes, Isha and Varun’s Mum deserve all the credit. She is truly a Super Mom. Their mum Mala is specially-abled by birth, being dumb and deaf since birth. In fact, she married Manoj who was also similarly abled.

When Mala delivered Isha and Varun, all the family members were really concerned, that it would be a challenging task for her to bring up the twins. But all of them were proved wrong. We were amazed by the way Mala nurtured the children. She dedicated herself fully to their upbringing. It was a feast to our eyes to see her managing the twins so perfectly. She maintained a strict discipline as far as their food habits and vaccinations were concerned, when they were infants.

She had to face problems when she wanted to admit them to school. Their uncle took them to the school nearby, along with the parents. The school was sceptical about admitting the children, even though they were very smart. The school authorities were of the opinion that since the parents were dumb and deaf, they won’t be able to give sufficient guidance to the children at home. But their uncle requested the school authorities that he would guide them whenever required, and with some recommendations from a influential person, he managed to get them admitted to the school.

The school authority’s judgement about Mala was wrong. She not only accompanied the children to school both ways everyday, right from their nursery to class 6, but kept in touch with the teachers and parents of toppers in the class. She brought their books home, saw to it that her children understood the subjects. Isha and Varun never let their mother down. They always managed to come within the top ten in class.

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She saw to it that they took part in all extra curricular activities. She was very strict about their study and play time. She was very particular about the channels they watched on television. She took them for tuition when they went to high school. She sent Varun to a cricket club and Isha for music classes. She took them to Bal Vihar and special classes on Sundays to chant the Bhagavat Gita. She proudly showed me the medals and prizes won by the children.

The same school which was reluctant to admit the children, have given a full year scholarship to Isha and a three month scholarship to Varun in appreciation of their academic excellence. The children are planning to pursue Chartered Accountancy and they have started going for the foundation classes. I am sure they will shine brightly and never let Mala down. Hats off to super mum Mala!

Admissions in most of the leading schools in India are based on the educational qualifications and financial status and positions of the parents. Mala is not highly qualified and even though she could not teach her children herself, her intentions and dedication towards her children have been a stepping stone for their success and achievements.

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