Delhi Smog – Probably It Is Time To #ReInventFestivals

The Delhi smog has left the residents literally gasping for breath. Is it worth a day's merriment? Maybe it is time to #ReInventFestivals?

The Delhi smog has left the residents literally gasping for breath. Is it worth a day’s merriment? Maybe it is time to #ReInventFestivals?

Festival times are – indulging in merriment, carring forward traditions and spending time with family. But as we come across disturbing images of rivers of blood in Dhaka to the dense smog in Delhi, I can’t help but think – one day of merriment, several days of miseries! Is it worth it?

We say education helps us to see the flip side, does it really?

In the run up to Diwali, pollution was on the top of the mind for everyone. Posts were written, statuses were updated, tweets galore and a war cry – NO CRACKERS, GREEN DIWALI, SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. The future looked promising given the amount of buzz around. And boy, did it happen? Well looking at the density and intensity of the Delhi smog, looks like they were mere words after all!

Yes, I agree the burning of crops and the direction of the wind has made it worse, but that doesn’t rationalise our actions. For a change, instead of finding excuses and hiding behind pretextes let’s just take responsibility for our own actions and stop passing the buck. The buck indeed needs to stop with each one of us.

So we asked our readers would they consider an alternative way of spending Diwali. This is what they said.

Let’s make it loud with family, not crackers!


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Find alternative ways of making noise, if you must!


Indulge in some DIY creativity


Don’t buy sweets, make them at home


With the debacle of a pollution causing Diwali behind us, and the festive season still not over with Christmas and the New Year coming, maybe we should introspect on what we should be doing.

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