Being Happy And Avoiding Depression Might Not Be Easy, But These 6 Points Can Help You

Being happy in the face of grim realities of life might seem like an impossible task, but you can try doing it with the help of these 6 points.

Being happy in the face of grim realities of life might seem like an impossible task, but you can try doing it with the help of these 6 points.

In your lifetime, you meet several people who might try to bring you down on account of your looks, your stature, your financial status, your communication, your family condition, your marital status, your motherhood status or your career status etc. Similarly, there may be gruelling situations at work or family front that may leave you depressed.

In the urban life, ‘depression‘ over various such things have caused unhappiness among many and when it has not been tackled effectively and in time then it has resulted in severe consequences.

Being happy is your right, so try these measures if you feel depressed.

Value yourself

More than anything else, what impacts you is you, yourself. Nothing would affect you more than your own self-destructive, self-doubtful and self-rejecting thoughts. If you value yourself, no one can bring you down, no one can make you feel inferior. Love yourself and value yourself – that’s your job.

Avoid negativity

Try staying away from negative people around you. Listening to other people’s opinions is one thing is one thing but letting negative people invade and remain in your personal space (both physical and mental) would only give you negativity and self doubts.

Feel inspired

Whenever you feel low or dejected go through inspirational videos, stories or incidents. You will not only feel much more relaxed and content but also more motivated to live your life in the best way possible.

Be positive

Remember, everyone’s life journey is different. You may not be the best phase of your life but good things will come to you. Just keep going, always believe in yourself and remain positive.

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Be pragmatic

Remember, life is a journey. You would always face good or bad times. Take every incident as a learning experience. Ups and downs are way of life. You will have to fight it out whether you like it or not. So better be prepared and face it with a cool head.

Be courageous

You might not be in the ideal situation but facing hardships and overcoming gruesome situations requires courage.

Besides all these things, do not forget to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. Being healthy is your responsibility. DO that. A good health gives you all the strength to keep going.

If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal, here are some of the helplines available in India. Please call. 

Aasra, Mumbai: 022-27546669

Sneha, Chennai: 044-2464 0050

Lifeline, Kolkata: 033-2474 4704

Sahai, Bangalore: 080–25497777

Roshni, Hyderabad: 040-66202000, 040-66202001

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