New Mother And Want To Breast Feed? Include These Super Foods For Breast Feeding In Your Diet

Planning on breast feeding your baby? Here is a list of super foods for breast feeding that you can include in your diet to ensure that you get adequate nutrition.

Planning on breast feeding your baby? Here is a list of super foods for breast feeding that you can include in your diet to ensure that you get adequate nutrition.

Post pregnancy, the new mother can relax a little. After the stress of delivery, there is finally room for her to breathe, especially when it comes to her diet. However, as she will now be breast feeding her little one, there are still a few diet tips she should keep in mind.

Studies have found a strong relationship between the foods that a young mother eats and the quantity and quality of milk being produced. As this is a baby’s only source of nutrition for the first few months, it’s important that care is taken to ensure the absolute best.

To help you out, we’ve listed seven super foods for breast feeding that you need today! Read on to find out more.


Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products on the planet. Part of its appeal lies in its versatility with it being used in sweet and savory dishes, or as a snack all on its own. It also comes packed with protein and plenty of calcium, and helps fortify the mother’s breast milk. It also contains many essential nutrients for a young, growing child.


Perhaps the most well known of all the green leafy vegetables, spinach is definitely one of the super foods for breast feeding! It is nutrient-dense and high in calcium. It is also a good source of dietary fiber as well as protein, making it the perfect food for a young mother. Combine it with chicken, throw it in a salad, or give it a light stir fry and you’re doing yourself and your baby a big favour.


There’s never a bad time to eat this delicious, fatty fish. When you’re pregnant and breast feeding, it makes even more sense – certainly one of the super foods for breast feeding. Along with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids (especially DHA) it is packed with protein. DHA is essential for your baby’s nervous system as it helps improve its functioning.


This delicious dry fruit is one of the super foods for breast feeding that is available year round, and used extensively in dishes from the middle east and Asia. Dates are rich in calcium and can help improve the quantity of breast milk. To add to all these benefits, they are also high in fiber, meaning your baby will stay full for longer.

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The fact that blueberries come loaded with antioxidants is well-known. Mothers that are breastfeeding their babies should make sure they get a serving of this wonderful fruit. Blueberries also contain vitamins, minerals, and a healthy dose of carbohydrates.


This citrus fruit comes chock full of vitamin C. It is known to provide an instant burst of energy. During breastfeeding, a woman needs all the energy she can get. If you drink orange juice, opt for the calcium enriched version. You can also add an orange slice to your cup of tea. This will add flavor as well as a number of benefits.


While technically not food, water is perhaps the most essential part of a post delivery diet. Breast feeding mothers are at risk of dehydration, which can be problematic. It can give the mother seizures, which is why it is best avoided at all costs. Staying hydrated will ensure that your milk quantity stays consistent. Drinks that are rich in caffeine are likely to affect your baby and make them irritable as well as affect their sleep schedule.

The first few months of a baby’s life help in various development processes. Their basic cognitive, motor, and language skills are all molded during this initial period. It is thus crucial for them to get the proper nutrition. These seven foods are sure to help improve your breast feeding and make you and your baby healthier and happier.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to include them in your diet today!

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