“When The Downs In Life Trouble You, Sail Through With Perseverance!” Says Kalpana Rao

When Kalpana Rao, founder of Pari's Haute Couture says, “Perseverance with passion gets you to your goal!” it rings loud and true for aspiring entrepreneurs.

When Kalpana Rao, founder of Pari’s Haute Couture says, “Perseverance with passion gets you to your goal!” it rings loud and true for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With a 21 year experience in the retail world and, having encountered countless ups and downs in life, Kalpana Rao has seen them all! Having gone through every phase of entrepreneurship, she indeed has a beautiful message on perseverance for the many aspiring women entrepreneurs all over the world.

Starting a venture is a beautiful dream for a woman. After all, a dream that becomes a goal, sows a new beginning, a venture, an indigenous creation with an agenda to grow and expand. But, sustaining it, expanding it and, taking it to great heights is the real challenge for the woman.

When Kalpana’s vision of starting brands in maternity wear was met with jibes and doubts, she did not succumb to the pressures of a patriarchal society. Rather, her strong belief in her skills as a business woman and her perseverance through the rough patches in her professional life made her a role model in the entrepreneurs’ world.

It is important for every aspiring woman entrepreneur to understand that every venture she embarks on, will be a road with less ups and, more downs. The ups shall be enjoyable. But, it is the downs, despite being bad, that push a woman towards deriving her courage and perseverance from the very fact that she strongly believes in what she is doing.

Kalpana Rao is a living proof on how the downs in life lay a strong foundation for a success that shall stay for long. She strongly advocates for perseverance and, explains how it is entwined with successful entrepreneurship.

Every failure is a stepping stone to improvising or upgrading a vocation. And Kalpana chose to upgrade her skills by enrolling in the Women’s Entrepreneurship course at IIM Bangalore at the age of 44. It was also the time, when she was already running a successful business – Pari’s Haute Couture. This value addition to her experience gave birth to the idea of building maternity brands for women – Pari’s M2B.

“Success is how you are persevering, how you are going to touch lives, how you are able to make a difference to yourself” – This is how Kalpana has redefined success. And then, there is perseverance that finally gets you to the finish line. Isn’t it?

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Watch Kalpana Rao speak about her journey here

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