Check Out These 5 Career Lessons That Experience Can Teach You

We can all benefit from learning from experience, be it at home or be it at work. It is up to us to internalize those lessons and use them to grow.

We can all benefit from learning from experience, be it at home or be it at work. It is up to us to internalize those lessons and use them to grow.

Here are 5 important career lessons that everyone must learn, and implement.

It’s not about whether or how often you fail, it’s about how you recover

Career lessons_recovery from failure

Career lessons: recovery from failure

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It’s not just likely, it’s necessary to fail before you succeed! Failure teaches you so many things. It’s up to us to take those lessons and use our learnings. Own your failures, and they will be the stepping stones to our success. Every great entrepreneur has stories of failure before their success.

Great careers are built upon great values.

Career lessons_values

Career lessons: values

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Great companies are built upon great values. Let your values govern your career decisions, be great.

Success and achievement is really just about being happy

Career lessons_be happy

Career lessons: be happy

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Define what success looks like to you, and aim for that. Don’t go after someone else’s definition. Success looks different to different people! But mainly, success is about doing something that makes you happy.

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Never stop learning

Career lessons_learning

Career lessons: you can always learn, at any point

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From books, from experiences, from people, from mistakes, from life. We all hear this, we all agree it’s important. But really practicing it takes conscious effort.

Be different

Career lessons_be different

Career lessons: be different

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Early on in your career, it’s important to conform, to put your head down and work hard, and to learn from those who have been around longer than you have. But at some point in your career, it’s not only useful to break convention, it’s almost essential for success. The non-conformers, the out-of-the-box thinkers, those are the ones who are great visionaries and great leaders. They are the most successful problem solvers because they are able to see solutions that others don’t even imagine.

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