10 Must Haves in a Working Mother’s Wardrobe [Photos]

From long tunics that hide camel toes to stretchable jeans and jeggings, here are 10 must haves in a working mother's wardrobe!

From long tunics that hide camel toes to stretchable jeans and jeggings, here are 10 must haves in a working mother’s wardrobe!

After my daughter was born, the way I dressed change. Part of this is because I put on weight and part of this is because my time had other demands. I gravitated toward non fussy clothing and realised I am basically in a style rut. All my outfits were practically clones of each other and I seemed to sport a uniform at all times. Now men in uniform maybe sexy but women in uniform are boring. B.O.R.I.N.G.

The monotony eventually got to me and I am trying to break out of it. Over the years I have compiled my own set of rules and try to abide by them. Here are my must haves:

1. Colourful leggings

Leggings and Kurtas have essentially revolutionised the Indian Women’s way of dressing in the last few years. The trend is still going strong and is here to stay. Leggings are comfortable, versatile and extremely fuss free. Whether you are chasing your toddler around the house or popping into the office for that important meeting, you can sport these with ease. I would recommend investing in basic black, blue and maroon and then adding colourful ones like pinks and greens depending upon your kurtas. Also go for a few ankle and calf length ones to pair with tunics for the indo-western look. 

Pink Leggings

Pink Leggings

2. Viscose or Georgette Kurtas

Notice here that I said Viscose or Georgette. Cotton kurtas are great in comfort but I find that they fade easily. A cotton garment needs much more maintenance and a lower shelf life. These lasts much longer and does not lose its newness as easily. Most top brands have them now. I prefer the full sleeved ones that come real handy when I postpone my waxing sessions!Haven’t we all done that? Sacrificed grooming in those initial years?

Orange Georgette Kurta

Orange Georgette Kurta

3. Long Tunics

Tunics that fall to the mid thigh seem more flattering then the ones ending across the tummy or at the hip. The reason is that most women gain weight in the mid section post pregnancy. If the tunic ends in these areas, it draws attention to them. I have found thigh length tunics easy enough to pair with short leggings, capris, chinos, jeans or even formal trousers. The additional benefit is that if you have just started fitting back into those pre pregnancy trousers, the long tunics will hide the ungainly camel toes.

Long Tunic

Long Tunic – Better than a short tee

4. Flat Sandals

The kinds that are easy to slip in and out of. Not flipflops though, they are a pain to run in and trust me once the lid starts crawling, there will be lots of running around! Flat sandals can be paired with a variety of outfits and will be appropriate for office, grocery shopping or the occasional mall visit. A soft sole will give your tired feet less grief.

Chic Flats

My Chic Flats!

5. BB Cream, CC Cream, BB Stick

Go for whatever suits your skin type and your pocket. The market is flooded with them these days and you are spoilt for choice really. These magic potions need minimum blending and most need no top up with a compact. To cut a long story short, pat, blend and go!

BB Cream Look

Everyday BB Cream Look

6. Stretchable jeans

No one can deny the importance of jeans in any wardrobe! Unless your office has a 365 day formal dress code, you’d be wearing jeans to work at least once a week. With the changing body post pregnancy, I found finding a good pair of jeans a challenge. What came to my rescue were stretchable jeans with longer tunics. These were especially good in the cold winter months when leggings did not provide the essential protection. Stretch jeans and Jeggings looked good, were warm and even allowed me to sit cross legged on the bed and play with the baby at ease. I personally prefer dark wash even toned jeans with little or no embellishment. They are a bit tough to find but once you get them, they become a wardrobe workhorse!

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My Best Jeans

7. Large stylish satchels

The idea of carrying cutesy baby bags or diaper bags never did appeal to me. I always liked big bags so being a new mommy gave me the perfect occasion to buy some more large bags. The kinds that will hold a change of clothes, diapers and milk bottles for a playdate and phose chargers and pen drives for work!

Coach Bag

Using my Coach Bag as a Baby Bag

8. Skirts

Yes, skirts!! I found that whenever I wanted to change my look a bit, I was reaching for my favourite A line midi skirt. It falls a few inches below the knee and hides the thunder thighs, does not show a lot of leg and is extremely comfortable! And the ones in jersey material and wash and wear so no need to bother with the ironing either 🙂

A-Line Skirt

A Line Skirts – Universally Flattering

9. Spaghettis, ganjis or light layering tees

Remember those lovely nursing tops you bought? The ones with deep V necks or side openings? Well most of them would need a layering piece underneath if you want to wear them to work. And trust me, you can wear those to work. I have also worn such fitted tees under sheer tunics and kurtis. They not only provide coverage but also help hide the love handles when worn underneath a flowy garment. The idea is to buy then stretchable pieces that do not add bulk though.


Layering is a great way to utilise the maternity wear

10. Accessories

The most important item! Be it statement necklaces, earrings, cuffs, bangles, scarves or belts. Choose whatever catches your fancy. Most accessories can be worn irrespective of your weight changes and you can easily change up these to change your look. Switch your usual gold chain for chunky necklaces for a few days or wear large attention grabbing earrings. I also bought a few silk dupattas in tie and die. I pair them with a variety of kurtas for changing up the look. You’d be amazed at how the look changes if you wear a different dupatta with the same outfit or even change the drape from your usual style!

Turn Scarf into Necklace

Turning a Scarf into a Neckpiece!

These were my 10 must haves for a working mother’s wardrobe. What are yours?Image via Shutterstock.


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