5 Must Have Accessories for Working Mothers

Are you a mom who's pressed for time? Then these 5 simple but high-value accessories will add huge impact to your look!

Are you a mom who’s pressed for time? Then these 5 simple but high-value accessories will add huge impact to your look!

If like me, you are a working mum, then chances are you are always short on time. With professional commitments, household demands and caring for the baby, the thing that often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list is “me time” and caring for our own appearance. The lazy shopping weekends make way for play dates and mothers often learn to speed shop. Also, “trendy” makes way for comfortable and practical.

Now if you are like me then shopping for clothes can be a challenge. I have a classic chic taste in clothes. I might experiment sometimes but keep going back to classic chic. That makes finding stuff I like a real task. I am curvy and plus sized so the number of options is always limited.

Often, I end up picking not-so-great pieces just because they fit me. Do you mums have similar problems? If yes, then this post is for you!

Accessories are a surefire way of taking mundane outfits up by a notch or two. I use them all the time and here are my must have accessories for working mothers.

1. A stylish watch


Get a stylish versatile pair that can go with formal and casual alike. My favourite Raga watch has stood the test of time. I wear it with saris and skirts, with suits and kurtis. A pair like this is a great investment. A good branded watch will last you ages and if it has a unique twist, it can even be a conversation starter. A friend of mine had one with amother of pearl inlay in the dial. The design never failed to get compliments.

2. Statement necklaces


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Today statement necklaces come in all sizes and shapes and all sort of materials imaginable. I have enamel, metal and even terracotta in my kitty besides the usual beaded ones. They are easy to find, can fit any budget and can spice up even the most basic outfit. Most statement necklaces require little maintainence. Keep your pieces hanging on the dresser and pick one on the go. A word of caution though. Avoid these when going out with the babies. They may take a fancy to your neck piece!

3. A travel edition perfume


Keep your perfumes in your bag or office desk. Spritz some on when you arrive at work. It just makes you feel good and that is one of the most important things about accessories!

4. A bright lipstick



Whether you are into makeup or not, you must have a bright lipstick in your arsenal. The right shade can transform your look instantly. I remember a friend once called a lipstick \’instant facial for her face\’. That is the power of a good bright lipstick.

5. A wide hairband.


For all those days when you spent the morning coaxing the baby to drink milk and it ate into your shower time. If you can\’t manage to wash and dry your hair, a wide hairband would come to your rescue.

So that is it from me! What are your must haves?

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