Ladies, Here’s How You Can Live A Good Life Despite Those Crazy Menopause Symptoms!

Menopause symptoms can be really bad for many women, often interfering with the quality of life. But here's how you can still have a good life.

Menopause symptoms can be really bad for many women, often interfering with the quality of life. But here’s how you can still have a good life.

A woman’s body is a work of art at its best, and her hormonal cycles are one of the most intricate designs of nature. However, when menopause symptoms set in, hormonal changes that have always been a part and parcel of her life starting from menarche, can create havoc when she looks forward to enjoying life past her forties.

This is also the time when children fly from their nest to make their own destinies. Menopause symptoms set in with the feeling of emptiness, irritability and irrational fears at times too.

Menopause, also known as climacteric, is a phase in a woman’s life when the menstrual periods stop, indicating a closure to the fertility cycle. It is a process initiated by a gradual decrease in the hormone secretion by the ovaries. If menarche commences with spurt in height, weight around the chest, hips and thighs and, the monthly cycles around the age of 9-14 years, menopause symptoms set in with some physical difficulties with psychological repercussions due to a decreased secretion of oestrogen, around 40.

Women encounter this phase anywhere between 45 to 50 years of age.

Listen to your body

The earliest menopause symptoms are often irregular periods that have light or heavy bleeding occurring for shorter or longer durations. Frequent hot flashes that last anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes is also one of the prominent menopause menopause symptoms. Other typical menopause symptoms like dryness of the vagina, erratic mood swings, sweating heavily and frequent reddening of skin also tag along.

Despite menopause being as natural a phenomenon as menarche, certain women undergo severe bouts of depression during the phase. The initial menopause symptoms begin with hot flashes, weight gain and, intermittent phases of anxiety. Some women also tend to go in a chore loop where they repeatedly go about doing a task without realizing that they have completed it.

However, the most distressing effect of menopause is vaginal dryness and, often a lack of interest in sex. And, osteoporosis is also a cascading menopause symptom that leads to thinning of bone density, thereby increasing susceptibility to fractures.

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A holistic approach towards health and, menstrual hormone replacement therapies have been resorted to, when women hit these distressing menopause symptoms.

Mind over menopause symptoms

It is often said – Mind is the master of your body. Makes sure your mind remains the master. Fighting a war waged by hormones is no easy job. And, it appears to be the worst nightmare for a woman in her forties, who looks forward to ‘life beginning after the forties’.

However, one can fight back the weird play of hormones by adopting some lifestyle changes.

You are what you eat

Hot flashes are a major block in what would be a smooth life for a woman who has hit menopause. Usually, spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine trigger hot flashes.

So, maybe next time, when you feel like having caffeine, switch to green tea. Green tea not only alleviates stress and anxiety but also aids in weight loss, which is another major issue during this time.

Menstrual hormonal therapies are suggested effective treatments for hot flashes and night sweats. However, if you can counter these distressing effects by adopting a healthy lifestyle with a wholesome diet and, an engaging fitness regime, you will be able to enjoy your forties as a twenty year old!

Shaking that butt

Morning walks are a great way not only for losing weight, but also for regulating the metabolism of the body. A 30 minute brisk walk in the morning or  evening, or at both times of the day does wonders for your body. Cycling, swimming, slow running and Yoga can all be good. If you have a hectic schedule, spare some time for the gym.

Yoga is by far the best means of combating menopause symptoms. Yogic exercises such as Surya Namaskar and Pranayam aid not only in smooth hassle free breathing and a toned physique, but also cull anxiety attacks. Yoga exercises help in channelizing the chi flow in the body, thereby bringing the balance back.

That tumble need not be painful

When life begins at forty, it also means, life begins on a new note for a loving couple, especially as you no longer need to worry about pregnancies! However, vaginal dryness can topple your dreams of enjoying sex.

Water based vaginal lubricants aid in retaining the moisture in the vagina. These lubricants are available over the counter. However, drinking a lot of water through out the day aids in natural retention of moisture in the vagina. Water is after all the elixir of life that holds cure for almost every ailment. You may also approach your OBGYN for exploring the options of a hormone replacement therapy.

Getting those precious zzzzz…s

A human can survive for three times as long without food as compared to sleep. Sleep deprivation at its worst can be fatal.

Many women have issues with sleep patterns in the night after encountering menopause. It can be frustrating because, an absence of good sleep can lead to disoriented thoughts, confusion, forgetfulness and irritability.

So, to get a good night’s sleep, avoid heavy meals in dinner. Also, avoid caffeine and smoking. A glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric is the best antidote for a good sleep. If you have trouble sleeping in the night, skip afternoon naps and indulge in hobbies in that window. Soothing instrumentals can be played while you sleep. There is no better lullaby than soulful music.

Now’s a good time for that hobby

Engage yourself in hobbies. Learn to sing, dance and cook cuisines that are out of your comfort zone. If you are already a home chef, become a youtuber and, go famous on the Internet. Or, join a Zumba class and, shake a leg. The bonus points are meeting new people and making good friends. If you love to write, blog! Writing is therapeutic for soul. When the soul is happy, discomforts caused by menopause symptoms disappear without a trace. And, importantly cultivate the habit of reading good books. Reading is equivalent to enriching the soul. Remember, when the mind is at peace, it stays the master of your body!

Is any medical intervention necessary?

In certain women, menopause can occur as a result of medical causes such as pelvic radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Prescription of low dose contraceptive pills and alternative means such as hormonal therapies assuage menopause symptoms to a great extent. However, if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, worry less and, look at the brighter aspects of life and, just be happy, no medicine is ever needed in the first place.

Every phase in a woman’s life is challenging, beginning with the menarche. But, that is the way a woman’s body is designed. With age, a woman must guard her health with a hawk’s eye. Because, when she is healthy, an entire family stays healthy and happy.

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